Edit tags for multiple tracks Confirmation Box missing from Rip Mu

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by waddonboy, May 15, 2007.

  1. waddonboy

    waddonboy Guest

    WM10 - Rip Music - manually editing album, artist and track info;
    When multiple tracks are selected, right click on an individual field, like
    album name for example, select edit and change the value, hit return and a
    confirmation box appears that states:
    "Changes will be applied to all selected tracks. Do you want to continue?"
    There is a check box which offers "Don't show this message again"

    Usually I leave this blank but once I checked the this tick box; now the
    Confirmation box no longer appears. Bad move!

    Next time I tried to edit tag information for a single track it changes the
    values for all tracks and there is no option to edit a single track only.

    I have searched for configuration files in Program files, the Windows
    directory and also tried editing individual settings in the registry - no
    joy. I've searched the manual, FAQ's and had a quick look for answers here
    but couldn't find one.

    Any ideas on how I can reset the option to have the confirmation box
    displayed and edit individual track metadata again?
    waddonboy, May 15, 2007
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  2. waddonboy

    waddonboy Guest

    Update -
    (i) well I still don't have the option box

    (ii) but I have now realised that the Album name is not a singularly
    editable item, like a track name for instance. So although I can compile
    tracks from my genuine CDs that I have bought, (I guess I'm not supposed to)
    when I try ripping that personal CD the album information for each track
    cannot be applied as the album name is assumed to apply to the whole
    selection - because it comes from the same disc. (Which I guess makes sense
    but I will have to manually rip the individual tracks from their respective
    CDs again - which I am probably also not supposed to do...or perhaps I can
    just edit the tags after ripping...coffee...smelt...woke up...)
    waddonboy, May 16, 2007
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