Ehshell.exe Crashes Media Center 2002 After SP3 Failure

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by James Darby, May 15, 2008.

  1. James Darby

    James Darby Guest

    I have Windows XP Media Center Editon 2002 SP 2 running on a Dell M140

    After 8 or 9 attempts, trying every trick that's been posted here or at
    Microsoft, I given up on installing SP 3. Far more trouble than it's

    Failed installs caused my wireless connection to shut down and crashed
    my network connection. After much labor I've got them back.

    What I didn't get back was my Windows Media Center player. When I click
    on the start icon I get:

    ehshell.exe - Strong name validation failed.

    Strong name validation failed for assembly 'C\windows\ehome
    \ehshell.exe'. The file may have been tampered with or it was partially
    signed but not fully signed with the current private key.

    Application has generated an exception that could not be handled
    Process=0xe18(3608), Thread id=0x17c(380)

    I don't have any original Windows Media Center installation disks, so
    don't mention that. I'd buy an installation disk if MS sold them.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks
    James Darby, May 15, 2008
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  2. James Darby

    Jaime Guest

    No suggestions on the problem, but it would be Dell that you would go to if
    you want to buy setup discs (if they still sell them), not MS.

    Media Center was never sold as a retail product, only a pre-install or OEM
    (newegg, among others sells the OEM, but it is ~$120).
    Jaime, May 15, 2008
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  3. James Darby

    Eric Baines Guest

    Can you do a system restore back to before you tried installing SP3?
    Eric Baines, May 19, 2008
  4. James Darby

    Chris Guest

    I have the same problem on a custom built computer. It ticks me off when
    Microsoft tells me that I have to WAIT for a call from their Media Center
    department. I never found my installation disc. I wonder..has anyone ever had
    theirs fixed at all yet?
    Chris, Jul 31, 2008
  5. James Darby

    Warner Guest

    Being agile is high-tech for the human spirit.

    I had the same problem on an HP Slimline imaged in 2006.

    I was forced into Data Recovery by this problem.

    Ultimately, the solution required that I apply all hardware updates
    available for my machine from the HP support website including installing the
    most recent BIOS. Then, because Microsoft's System Restore would not solve
    the Windows Media Center problem, I was forced into rebuilding the image, a
    destructive recovery, from HP's recovery partition (provided by HP) to
    recover the installation to factory settings with original software provided.
    Then, install Windows XP SP2 and apply any prerequisites for the XP SP3
    update. Then install the XP SP3 update. Then remove all factory adware &
    software not needed. Then re-install any software lost from doing the
    Destructive Recovery. Then recover any files and settings. etc.
    A very time consuming process, but I was successful.
    Warner, Aug 3, 2008
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