email From: "Sender Unspecified" going to the POP3 failed mail fol

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by evan ingram, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. evan ingram

    evan ingram Guest

    hi there,

    i've got an issue with windows small business server 2003 receiving emails
    via the POP3 connecter from unspecified senders.

    any mail that has come From: Sender Unspecified ends up in my "C:\Program
    Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Networking\POP3\Failed Mail"
    folder. fair enough i guess its in place to block spam attempts. however im
    getting mails that have "Sender Unspecified" that i actually need to receive.
    they are coming from a fax-to-email service which i have no control over.

    in the POP3 connector settings ive told it to send undeliverable mail to my
    exchange mailbox but its made no difference. the mails are still just going
    to the failed mail folder and not my inbox.

    can anyone help?
    evan ingram, Jun 29, 2009
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  2. evan ingram

    evan ingram Guest

    yes from what ive been reading trying to figure this one out lots of people
    have been having problems with the connector. im in a shared office though
    and quite limited on what we can do with internet traffic, so port forwarding
    email traffic to my server would be an issue.
    evan ingram, Jun 29, 2009
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  3. You really want to have control of your own firewall. If the office has a
    shared internet connection with multiple public IPs you can stick an
    ethernet switch between it & your own firewall (and the other companies').
    Or get your own internet connection. If you're on a shared network you
    probably have other worries such as security & potential virus/malware
    exposure. ....
    Lanwench [MVP - Exchange], Jun 29, 2009
  4. Hi evan,

    Thanks for your post and Lanwench's input.

    First, I agree with Lanwench that as best practice, upgrade to STMP server from POP3 Connector is the ultimate solution. POP3 Connector is produced for just interim domain migration period. Regarding
    this particular issue, I would like you consider the following suggestions:

    Does the issue occurs to all POP3 Connector mail accounts or just the one " from a fax-to-email service " ?
    If the issue occurs only to the account that" from a fax-to-email service", it seems the original message is corrupt or the format is not comply with RFC standard or invalid header fields that Exchange SMTP
    server doesn't allow to accept and forward the email. If so, please check the original POP3 mail to make sure it has correct sender and recipient and return to etc. information.

    If the issue occurs to all POP3 accounts, please try to manually move all the messages from %systemroot%\Program Files\Microsoft Small Business Server\Networking\POP3\Failed Mail folder to %
    systemroot%\InetPub\mailroot\Pickup folder then see if the messages would be delivered or not. If it persists, manually clear the contents of the Failed mail folder and see if the issue reoccurs or not.

    Moreover, please check the following article for more information about how to troubleshoot POP3 Connector in SBS 2003.

    How to troubleshoot the POP3 Connector in Windows Small Business Server 2003

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,
    Robbin Meng(MSFT)
    Microsoft Online Newsgroup Support
    Robbin Meng [MSFT], Jun 30, 2009
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