Email stopped flowing in this morning - can't figure out why

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Mike Webb, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Running SBS 2003 Premium, ISA 2004, Exchange, WSUS, 2 NIC's and a router,
    dynamic IP through ISP, DDNS service through
    For unknown reasons, we stopped getting inbound email about mid-morning. We
    can send fine and receive email from within the LAN. I was not working on
    the server at the time. Nothing remarkable in the Event Viewer.
    I've rerun CEICW 3 times, re-strarted all the Exchange services 2 twice and
    even re-started the server. Same results. (I use -- - [Could not connect: Could not
    receive data: Winsock error #10054.]Any suggestions?
    Mike Webb, Nov 20, 2006
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  2. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Well, I hadn't thought to stop/start SMTP (should have know that), so I just
    got done restarting the following:
    Exchange Info Store
    Exchange Management
    Exchange Routing Engine
    Exchange System Attendant

    Then I've rerun CEICW.

    Last, I reset the Authentication for the SMTP Connector in ESM to that of's requirements (always gets set to No Authentication when I run

    Hope it works.


    Mike Webb, Nov 20, 2006
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  3. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    To fully answer your questions ....

    Changed nothing in the router.

    I use Symantec Corporate A/V on the server, plus a trial version of GFIWeb
    Monitor, and Windows Defender.


    Mike Webb, Nov 20, 2006
  4. Hello,

    If is your servers DNS name, I tried to telnet in
    on port 25 and could not. Have you changed anything in the router ?

    Have you tried to restartthe Simple Mail Transport Protocol in services

    Do you have any anti virus or spam that received email on 25 and
    forwards to Exchange ?

    Of the 5 attempts I made, one looked like it connected but either it was
    not exchange (as it did not give me an introduction banner) or it ran so
    slow it dumped me out.


    Michael Jenkin [SBS-MVP], Nov 20, 2006
  5. Well your email server now responds in port 25 :)

    Michael Jenkin [SBS-MVP], Nov 21, 2006
  6. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Yeah, odd. Just got in to work and all seems fine. Probably just "one of
    those things" - very frustrating not to know WHY. Nothing remarkable in the
    Event Viewer, and the Exchange log is virtually undecipherable (to me) when
    I open in in Notepad.

    Oh well, thanks for working with me.


    Mike Webb, Nov 21, 2006
  7. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    For an unknown reason, my email stopped coming in about 45 minutes ago.
    Nothing in Event Viewer, restarted all necessary Exchange services and the
    SMTP service. Got into the router config. and all looks fine (port 25 IS
    forwarded to the NIC).
    I've got a satellite internet connection - 1.5 MB download and about 512 KB
    upload. I can access the internet fine, and can send email fine, and
    receive internal email.

    Can't figure it out. Anthing I can check?

    Mike Webb, Nov 22, 2006
  8. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Don't know how or why, but the emails started flowing in about 15 minutes
    ago. Very frustrating as I can't find anything in Event Viewer, so I have
    no idea what happened -- so this may very well happen again. This is the
    3rd time in 6 days I've had this problem.

    Mike Webb, Nov 22, 2006
  9. Suspect your ISP/connection first, not your SBS.

    Les Connor [SBS Community Member - SBS MVP]
    SBS Rocks !
    "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll
    understand." - Confucius

    Les Connor [SBS Community Member - SBS MVP], Nov 22, 2006
  10. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Thanks. Another poster made the same suggestion, and after thinking about
    it over the holiday, it now makes sense.

    Mike Webb, Nov 27, 2006
  11. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Well, I contacted the ISP and they tell me that port 25 is NOT blocked, nor
    can they find anything wrong at their end. I checked with's tech
    support and they didn't see anything wrong either. The only thing I can
    find is in my Alerts on ISA - I had about 20 instances within a 2-hr period
    of "Service Not Responding", and the category was "Firewall Service".
    However, the time period was well into the outage - did not precede it by a
    large margain. There might be something in the Exchange daily log
    (c:\Program Files\Exchsrver\<servername>.log\YYYYMMDD.log -- but it opens in
    Notepad and I can't make heads or tails out of what it's trying to tell me.
    Is there a better way to view it, and a guide on how to interpret what's in
    it? (The header of it says # Message Tracking Log File # )


    Mike Webb, Nov 28, 2006
  12. Any testing done would have to be done while the problem is present, not
    when things are working ;-).

    If you use MSDE for ISA loggging, ISA *will* lockdown if for any reason it
    can't write to the logfiles. But you should get related event log entries.

    Les Connor [SBS MVP]
    Les Connor [SBS MVP], Nov 28, 2006
  13. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest


    Did some nosingt around in ESM and saw from <server name> > right-click
    Properties > Diagnostic Logging that I can set up detailed logging. Any
    suggestions on what I should enable as an effort to catch the problem as it


    Mike Webb, Nov 28, 2006
  14. That probably won't help unless the issue is actually on your box, and in
    Exchange - and if in fact ISA is closing the door then exchange has nothing
    to log.

    If incoming email stops, then first check for internet connectivity. If you
    have no internet connectivity that's the problem, if you have internet
    connectivity but no email coming in - then from an external location use
    telnet or other tools such as to check for
    connectivity to your mail server, and go from there.

    Les Connor [SBS MVP]
    Les Connor [SBS MVP], Nov 28, 2006
  15. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    I've got good connectivity; outbound email is not affected and we can access
    websites with the usual speed. Reports on when we're down are
    flagged red on the MX record " -
    [Could not connect: Could not receive data: Winsock error #10054.]" I've
    rerun CEICW many times - no effect.

    The part that's so puzzling is that outbound email is unaffected, as is
    intra-LAN email.


    Mike Webb, Nov 28, 2006
  16. Perhaps someone can translate this.

    Les Connor [SBS MVP]
    Les Connor [SBS MVP], Nov 29, 2006
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