emails not saved in 'sent items' folder.

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by PS, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. PS

    PS Guest

    When I send emails no copy is saved in the 'sent items' folder, even though
    that option is ticked. Also the 'junk' button and 'mark as junk mail'
    option do nothing - I expected the item be moved to the junk folder or
    acknowledged that it had been marked as junk, but nothing happens. Also
    clicking the 'move to junk mail folder' disappears it from the list, but it
    doesn't appear in the junk folder.

    Any one tell me what's going on here?
    PS, Mar 4, 2010
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  2. There are multiple Sent Items folders. Each mail account has its own
    and there is one under Storage Folders for all news account postings.
    Make sure that you are looking at the right folder.

    Also, when the correct folder is selected, use View (ALT+V), Show or
    Hide and make sure that Show all messages is selected.
    Michael Santovec, Mar 4, 2010
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  3. PS

    Bob Lucas Guest

    What type of email account? POP3, IMAP or HTTP?

    If you are using an IMAP mail account, Please also quote the
    addresses of the incoming and outgoing mail servers - and tell us
    the name of your mail service provider.
    Bob Lucas, Mar 4, 2010
  4. PS

    corystes Guest

    I've now found the 2nd sent items folder (when live mail installed it was not
    in view.) No luck with junk problems, but it gets worse. I accidenaltly
    deleted my main personal email folder - it apparently went to the deleted
    items folder. It's not visible in either of them, but emails are vanishing
    into it. View is set to show all messages. Seriously not good.
    My email account is POP3, ISP - tiscali - now talktalk. address &
    corystes, Mar 5, 2010
  5. PS

    Bob Lucas Guest

    In WLMail, each mail account has its own set of folders. These
    folders are separate from the list of folders under "Storage

    If you have deleted a personal email folder, it may have be lost.
    However, it might still be lurking somewhere in WLMail.

    What happens, when you select the name of the "Deleted items"
    folder. Can you see a small arrow symbol to the left of "Deleted
    items" ? If so, click on the arrow, to expand the folder tree.
    If you are lucky, it will display the folder you have "deleted".
    And if the folder is present, you can drag it back to its proper

    Turning to your Tiscali mail account, WLMail will display the
    account name. Beneath the name of the account, you should see
    the following folders:

    Sent Items
    Junk email
    Deleted Items

    If you cannot see any of these folders, select the name of your
    Tiscali mail account and click on the Arrow symbol (to the left
    of the account name) - to expand the folder tree. You will
    probably discover that all of your sent messages are in the 'sent
    items' folder.
    Bob Lucas, Mar 5, 2010
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