.eml .email attachments auto open media player

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by pamelajr, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. pamelajr

    pamelajr Guest

    This is my second post. All emails with .email attachments from my brother
    and some from others automatically open windows media player and do not open
    the attachment. Windows mail IS selected when I right click & 'open with'
    and the box is checked for always use this program. Can someone please help
    with this. I have researched ad nauseum for this problem and cannot get it
    fixed. Thank you.
    pamelajr, Jan 19, 2008
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  2. pamelajr

    Dave Guest

    It sounds like he is sending you a forwarded message, except instead of
    hitting just "Forward", he's hitting "Forward as attachment", which is
    creating the .email attachment. Ask him to use just "Forward".
    This won't fix your problem, but it may alleviate it.
    Dave, Jan 19, 2008
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  3. pamelajr

    Yogibearff Guest

    I did not have success when using the method advised above.

    I still get files with an extension of .email which appear to contai
    embedded images from people sending me e-mail. I have checked on this.
    The problem is that when I try to open them, I get a message saying tha
    no program is configured to open this type of attachment.

    Any ideas
    Yogibearff, Nov 25, 2008
  4. Save the attachments to the Desktop. Then right click on the file and
    choose Open With and then specify to open it with WinMail.exe (Windows
    Mail). You can also go to Control Panel | Default programs and set WinMail
    as default and you can associate a file type with a program there.

    Steve Cochran, Nov 25, 2008
  5. If you set an association for .email files this way, you don't get the
    desired results - Windows Mail opens, not the message. The problem is the
    way Vista creates the "Open" verb. The command created by saving an .email
    file and selecting Windows Mail as the default is:

    "C:\Program Files\Windows Mail\winmail.exe" "%1"

    It SHOULD read:

    "C:\Program Files\Windows Mail\winmail.exe" /eml:%1

    One way to fix this is to let Vista create the association, then use a file
    association editor to change the Open verb command string. I've found two
    different FREE association editors that will do this:

    FileTypes Editor
    File Type Manager 2.0.1

    Hal Hostetler, CPBE --
    Senior Engineer/MIS -- MS MVP-Print/Imaging -- WA7BGX
    http://www.kvoa.com -- "When News breaks, we fix it!"
    KVOA Television, Tucson, AZ. NBC Channel 4
    Still Cadillacin' - www.badnewsbluesband.com
    Hal Hostetler [MVP-P/I], Nov 26, 2008
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