Enable Rotate / Pivot / Portrait Mode on Desktop with LCD?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Brian Bradley, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Request:

    Does anyone have portrait mode running on a NON-tablet PC? If so, what is
    your graphics adapter and drivers?

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    My work as a transcriptionist is done best in portrait mode.

    My GeForce FX 5200 "glasses" beautifully with Vista's included driver.
    NVidia's Vista beta driver (up to and including the latest) "glasses"
    equally well, but the nVidia Control Panel that installs with nVidia's Vista
    beta driver has never appeared to include all components, such as rotate,
    even though that feature is mentioned in the nVidia Control Panel help

    NVidia replied to my specific inquiry with a prefab reply that did not
    address my request for information on the seemingly missing rotation

    My hours of testing and tweaking has produced results that generally follow
    the successes and failures documented in this newsgroup. More specifically,
    my test machines with different graphics adapters all work well with the
    drivers included in Vista, some allowing rotation, including the old Intel
    815 integrated graphics chipset for which Vista supplies the very capable
    Intel Extreme Graphics control panel, some rotatable through all axes and
    some to only 180 degrees. (None of these older adapters support "glassing"
    because they do not meet the requirements, but "glassing" is not my goal.)

    I will gladly purchase a new graphics adapter in order to use my beloved
    portrait mode, so has anyone out there succeeded? If so, details, please,
    and TYVMIA!

    Brian in San Diego
    Brian Bradley, Sep 28, 2006
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