Enabling/Disabling NDIS 5.1 Intermediate Miniport ( 1-2 Mux)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Wes, May 6, 2008.

  1. Wes

    Wes Guest

    I have to to complete the development of a Mux written by a now departed
    consultant and which is probably 98% right. No experience or training in
    driver development, so I WILL use the wrong terms in phrasing my questions.

    This MUX is designed to be bound only to Ethernet NICs.

    When the NICs are bound to the MUX, all other protocols are unbound from the
    NICs so that after the user binds whatever protocols he chooses to the MUX,
    the protocols-originated packets must pass thru the MUX, possibly undergo
    changes, and then get forwarded to both NICs.

    When the MUX is Disabled thru the Network Connections, it apparently does
    enough to convince NDIS that it is disabled and the "Status" field reflects
    that. When an attempt to "Enable" the MUX, the first thing that happens is
    that the ProtocolReceive or ProtocolReceivePacket function gets a packet sent
    up from one of the bound NICs and eventually BSODs in the call to
    NdisMIndicateReceivePacket. My guess is that the MUX does more than what is
    required in response to the DISABLE command and frees up too many resources
    required for the ENABLE command.

    What does NDIS do or call in the protocol side of the MUX to disable it and
    what is the minimum required by the MUX to comply?

    What happens when an IM is Enabled? Since the packet reception is the first
    and last thing I see with WinDbg, I don't know what ENABLING function, if
    any, would eventually be called and what it should do.

    What's the best way to block the receipt of packets until the IM has
    completed the enable process?

    Wes, May 6, 2008
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  2. Wes

    Pavel A. Guest

    Try to find another consultant.

    Good luck,
    Pavel A., May 6, 2008
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  3. First I like to second the suggestion made by Pavel.

    Second, you really need to use the right terminology before anybody can
    answer your question without a lot of second guessing on what you did and
    what you meant to ask.

    A MUX driver has two edges. A protocol edge that registers with NDIS as a
    protocol driver and binds to one or more underlying physical adapter(s) and
    a miniport edge that registers with NDIS as an NDIS miniport driver and
    exposes one or more virtual miniport adapter(s).

    You can disable/enable virtual miniport adapters or you can unbind the MUX
    protocol from underlying physical adapters. There is no such thing as
    "disabling MUX or disabling IM". You may have meant "disabling MUX miniport
    adapter", or you may have meant "unbinding the MUX protocol from the
    underlying physical adapter" by unchecking the box next to protocol name in
    network control panel or you may have meant "uninstalling the MUX protocol".

    Alireza Dabagh [MS], May 9, 2008
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