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Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Christina, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Christina

    Christina Guest

    The expected movie Transformers 3 DVD edition will be released soon.
    For transformers fans, this is an exciting news. That means, you can
    appreciate this amazing film on your portable device, such as iPad
    anytime. But how to decrypt the copy protection in it? Usually
    whenever a great new film is released, the fans will be busy looking
    for a way to make a leagal copy of it, so that you can play it on any
    of your device you like. Thus, having a great and powerful DVD Copier
    or Ripper is necessary.

    Ideal DVD to iPad Converter is just the one you will be loved. It's a
    windows based program, and it always keeps up with new copy
    protection. Once you find a new protected DVD, it will work out the
    decryption file at the same day. For transformers 3, it did the same.
    Now, you may download this powerful iPad converter from
    http://www.idealdvdcopy.com/dvd-to-ipad.htm and install it, then rip
    Transformers 3 dark of the moon to your ipad by the following steps:

    1) Insert the DVD "Transformers dark of the moon" to your DVD-Rom
    2) Choose a proper title, audio track, subtitle and profile.
    3) Click "Browse" button which is beside the "Target" textbox to
    choose a proper directory to put the output file. Ideal DVD to iPad
    Converter will put it to "My documents\IdealDVD2iPad" by default. Once
    you specified a directory, it will remember it and you needn't re-
    configure it next time. Note, you can't use your iPad as the target.
    4) Click "Go" button to begin ripping.

    After finished ripping, you will get a .mp4 file on your computer,
    then you can connect your iPad to your computer, then launch your
    iTunes, click "File->Add File to Library...." to choose the .mp4 file
    which was created by Ideal DVD to iPad Converter to add it to iTunes
    library, and then click "Sync iPad" menu transfer ripped transformers
    3 to your iPad.

    If you still can't rip "Transformers dark of the moon" with this
    version, that mostly means your DVD is another edition we haven't met,
    just keep the DVD in your DVD drive, click "Configure" button, then
    click "Export ifo files" menu, save the exported file and send
    the .iba file to , they'll analyze it and fix
    it within one day.
    Christina, Sep 27, 2011
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