Epson CX6400 All in One

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by James, May 25, 2007.

  1. James

    James Guest

    Since connecting my Epson Stylus CX6400 to my new computer running Windows
    Vista Home Premium two weeks ago, I do not have Print Preview, Double Sided
    Printing, and sometimes, do not have the capability to change the quality of
    print (draft, text, etc.) with the Print window that pops up when I click

    I have downloaded and installed the Twain Driver and Epson Scan Utility
    v3.04A and the Epson EasyPrint v3.10A, the only two Vista upgrades listed at
    to no avail.

    I sent the above information to
    <> yesterday, but no response as of yet, and was
    hoping someone here could help.

    James, May 25, 2007
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  2. James

    huwyngr Guest

    If the device is connected by USB cable you usually need to install all
    the software with the device and its cable disconnected from the
    computer and only connect it up when told to by the installation
    procedure or after [Finsh].

    Re TWAIN -- I'm using it for my HP SJ5P, a real dinosaur, with no
    problems except that the VISTA scanning function does not work -- I
    work from the HP software with no troubles and that is dated back in
    the days of WIN98!

    One more thing -- do a search here in this newsgroup for TWAIN and you
    should find a message posted yesterday or today by a MSFT person giving
    the official VISTA position on TWAIN.
    huwyngr, May 26, 2007
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