ERRO 0X8007000D in OEM install

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by edu_RN, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. edu_RN

    edu_RN Guest

    I am trying to make a clean installation of Windows Home Premium 64 bits OEM.
    After informing the serial key the installation is interrupted with the
    message "File necessary not found D:\Sources\install.wim." The number of the
    error is 0x8007000D. The file install.wim is in the directory pointed out.
    You can find the drive D: and view the file using the command dir.
    The same message appeared when trying to install with media generated by the
    windows OPK and windows AIK using imagex for generate the dvd image with
    install.wim file. We experienced record in the media dvd low speed, we pulled
    the files catalog of other versions of the directory d: \ Sources and nothing
    I have been in several forums for discussion and not getting any answers.
    Processor is Core 2 Duo E6600 and motherboard DQ965GF (Intel), HD SATA 2
    Samsung 250GB.
    Thank you very much any help.
    edu_RN, Nov 11, 2007
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  2. edu_RN

    edu_RN Guest

    The Vista do not allow the use of 40-wire cables to connect the cd-rom.
    Should be used 80-wire flat cable.
    edu_RN, Nov 17, 2007
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