Error 0x88982F50 Partial Solution, Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Steve Furse, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Steve Furse

    Steve Furse Guest

    OK, this is quick and dirty and only a partial solution.


    Windows Explorer refuses to set file properties (especially tags) to JPEG
    files (jpe, jpeg, and jpg). Instead you get the following error message:

    Apply Properties File

    An unexpected error is preventing the operation. Make a note of this error
    code, which might be useful if you get additional help to resolve this

    Error 0x88982f50: No error description available

    Beneath this it shows a preview of the bitmap, along with the filename,
    dimensions and size. There are two buttons: "Try Again" and "Cancel".

    Trying again just brings up the window again.


    0x88982f50 refers to a "codec" error message, and a codec is some kind of
    helper file for picture files. So I opened up Task Manager and went looking
    for stuff that would have something to do with pictures.

    Under the "Processes" tab I clicked the button "Show processes from all
    users", and told the UAC prompt to "Continue". When all the stuff showed
    up, I sorted on the "Command Line" column and found 4 lines of stuff for
    "C:\Program Files\Roxio." and 3 for "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player.".
    I took the time to "End Process" on all 7 of them.

    This worked. I was able to use Windows Explorer again to set file
    properties, and also to search on those properties.

    A caution. Do NOT open Windows Explorer before going into Task Manager.
    For some reason if Windows Explorer opens and finds the "bad conditions", it
    will assume the "bad conditions" are still in effect throughout the session.
    That is my reasoning at least.


    This is what I have right now. I intend to post again with some more of
    what I've found. I'm hoping that some of the more technically knowledgeable
    folks here will have a clue about this.

    I am not the only, or even the first to have this problem. Several other
    people have had this problem over the last year, including what I assume to
    be a Frenchman and a Spaniard. None of these people ever found an answer to
    the same problem I had/have. And I do not really know how or why this has
    happened or now stopped.
    Steve Furse, Nov 11, 2007
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