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Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Pangsimon, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Pangsimon

    Pangsimon Guest

    I tried to install a new server running Windows server
    2003 into an existing Windows 2000 domain to replce the
    old server. I just performed the steps below
    1. Promote the new server to DC of the existing domain.
    The AD information was successfully replicated.
    2. Transfer the all operate master roles to the new
    3. Enable the Globe Catalog in the new server
    However, problem happened when I shutdown the old server
    that no one could logon to the domain.
    I tried to run the diagnostic tool 'dcdiag.exe' and an
    error discription was returned.
    "Warning: DcGetDcName(GC_SERVER_REQUIRED) call failed,
    error 1355
    A Global Catalog Server could not be located - All GC's
    are down.
    PDC Name: \\I-CO.IDOM.DOM
    Locator Flags: 0xe00001f9
    Warning: DcGetDcName(TIME_SERVER) call failed, error 1355
    A Time Server could not be located.
    The server holding the PDC role is down.
    Warning: DcGetDcName(GOOD_TIME_SERVER_PREFERRED) call
    failed, error 1355
    A Good Time Server could not be located.
    Warning: DcGetDcName(KDC_REQUIRED) call failed, error 1355
    A KDC could not be located - All the KDCs are down.
    .......................... IDOM.DOM failed test FsmoCheck"
    Do you have any idea about the problem. Please answer me
    Pangsimon, Dec 30, 2003
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