error 4201 the instance name passed was not recognized as valid by

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Jim Harm, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Jim Harm

    Jim Harm Guest

    I am receiving the following error when trying to start the Windows Event Log

    "error 4201 the instance name passed was not recognized as valid by a wmi

    Any ideas about how to get this service started. I have noticed searching
    the web about this topic that many others are having the same difficulties.

    Jim Harm, Aug 17, 2007
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  2. Jim Harm

    BamBamBW Guest

    I am having the same exact issue. Cannot start the Event log service...
    since Auto Update ran yesterday. This has been happening to folks since Feb
    2007 as far as I can tell from searching google. A search on MS Support or
    KB articles has nothing listed! NOTHING ... this is a fairly widespread
    problem... does anyone have any clue why this is happening... I mean come on
    fellas... a complete reload of the OS is not a solution... and besides this
    only fixes the problem temporaraly it re-surfaces for everyone that doesn't
    give up on it and install a 3rd party event viewer...

    Why won't Microsoft address this issue? At least acknowledge that the issue
    exists?.. With all the useless security nags, bugs, reminders, and crap
    Microsoft wants us to feel warm and fuzzy that our machines are secure.
    Shouldn't the one tool we have to log events and access objects and view
    audited objects be available? And if not shouldn't the fact that it will not
    even start cause a FANTASTIC Warning, Security Bulletin, and a Persistant
    dedication to the resolution ... Is it malware, have the ones experienceing
    this issue been comprimised... Is the system logging events, Who
    knows??????? CAN ANYONE SHED ANY LIGHT???
    BamBamBW, Aug 17, 2007
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  3. Jim Harm

    Jim Harm Guest

    All of my sentiments exactly, BamBam!! So where the HE** is Microsoft??!!
    So here we are stuck with not even "Howdy Do" from MS. I actually only
    became aware of this issue when I recently tried to install a program I
    purchased called DisKeeper. It needed the event log stuff, bit like yourself
    I couldn't get the service to start. Will you please email me if you should
    find a resolution to this before our friends at MS decide to notice us.

    Jim Harm, Aug 17, 2007
  4. Jim Harm

    BamBamBW Guest

    No problem if I hear of anything I will email you and post it. I called MS
    today and thought I had a free phone call because I'm within my 90 days of
    activation.... NOT you don't get any support if you buy a new machine with
    Vista... only if you got it off the shelf and installed it yourself.

    The support rep told me I could contact Toshiba... I huffed and explained
    that the name of my OS is not TOSHIBA VISTA... it's Microsoft Vista..... She
    wants 60 bucks to start an incident.. with a guaranteed resolution...

    I can't do it....I don't know what I would do if they told me to wipe my
    system and reload and said that was my guaranteed resolution ... I'd snap

    You do the same if you hear of anyone with a fix please email me...

    BamBamBW, Aug 17, 2007
  5. Ronnie Vernon MVP, Aug 17, 2007
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