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Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by enicar, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. enicar

    enicar Guest

    I am neither able to shutdown nor run Windows and Microsoft updates. My
    desktop, which is being run by XP SP2, hangs at the Windows is shutting
    down screen, and freezes almost immediately when I try to access updates
    on Microsoft's site. My Windows update log shows a 8024A000 error, which
    is associated with checking for updates when shutting down, thus
    indicating why neither shutdown nor updates is working. But, I can't
    seem to find a way of solving either problem individually or together.
    I've tried stopping the update service and re-registering the
    associated files; clearing out temporary internet cache and cookies;
    disabling my anti-virus software (AVG free); cleaning adware, spyware,
    malware; using the classic view at startup; and others that I'm not
    recalling at the moment. I have had the problem before, but was able to
    fix it. This latest dilemma arose yesterday when I tried to download
    Microsoft updates. I got the site to scan my computer and identify the
    updates I needed. However, when I tried to download the updates I
    wanted, it froze me out. And that's also when hanging at shutdown
    started again. Anyone have thoughts on what I should do?
    enicar, Nov 30, 2005
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  2. enicar

    *x@y* Guest

    Try the result from Google on the Link below here:

    Good Luck, ☺x@y☺
    *x@y*, Dec 1, 2005
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