error 8100030e

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by kevsgirlalways, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. nowadays when i sign-in to msn, i always get the error code 8100030e ...what
    does that mean? is there any workaround?

    kevsgirlalways, Mar 16, 2007
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  2. Greetings,

    How long has this been going on exactly? There's a service problem at the moment...

    Jonathan Kay
    Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger
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    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Mar 16, 2007
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  3. oh so there was a service problem? i couldn't sign in to msn for about a week
    or the same error over and over again. but suprisingly managed to
    sign in this morning! :D
    kevsgirlalways, Mar 19, 2007
  4. oh, okay, there's a problem with the service. How about some fu^&ing acknowledgement from MS about this issue??? Something on the MSN site perhaps??? A work around? - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Pissed off in Cayman, Mar 19, 2007
  5. kevsgirlalways

    Kim Guest

    I'm having the same problem as well...every now and again, it'll connect and stay on, then I'll get disconnected again, with the same error. Most frustrating!! - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Kim, Mar 20, 2007
  6. kevsgirlalways

    Ash Guest

    I'm having the same issue at the moment, just tryed this site and managed to log in at the moment.

    Solutions to fix it; start/run type:

    regsvr32 Softpub.dll

    regsvr32 Mssip32.dll

    regsvr32 Initpki.dll (this one took about 30 sec to be complete.)

    After you done this, you should be able to sign in the MSN Messenger!

    see how you go with that. :) - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Ash, Mar 20, 2007
  7. kevsgirlalways

    Ash Guest

    Strike that, I was able to log in but then kicked again :(

    will have to keep looking for a resolution. - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Ash, Mar 20, 2007
  8. kevsgirlalways

    Jo hates PCs Guest

    this has been going on for +10 days on and off! driving me crazy. just tried
    the help page and it's off line too!

    any chance you'll let people know when to expect this to improve?

    for the past month there have been loads of problems looking at hotmail and
    messenger through a mac. So much so i just got a .mac account.
    Jo hates PCs, Apr 18, 2007
  9. kevsgirlalways

    Helper Guest

    Helper, Apr 22, 2007
  10. kevsgirlalways

    Pones Guest

    Ok, I keep getting 8100030e at work. Sometimes fixes itself, sometimes goes
    off for ages.

    But more worrying is that at home I've not been able to log into messenger
    for about 6 months. Pretty much gave up on it, as received no good fix for
    error 81000306.

    Come on Microsoft!!! Fix the problem, or tell me how to fix it. Reason for

    Very annoying. Permanent switch to AOL is on the cards.
    Pones, Jul 25, 2007
  11. Ok let's try this:

    Bring up the Run menu (Windows Key + R) or Start > Run on the Start Menu.

    Now type "regsvr32 Softpub.dll Mssip32.dll Initpki.dll" without the quotes
    and press Ok.

    It's worth a shot! :)
    Darren Straight, Jul 25, 2007
  12. Come on, you cannot seriously expect the average user to start modifying the
    registry of windows, now can you?! I've been facing the same error on and off
    (if it does work from time to time, how can it be necessary add things to the
    registry?), and I use this computer predominantly for work. If I modify my
    registry and this computer crashes, I am in a whole world of trouble.
    One would think that Microsoft would be able to come up with a tested,
    proven and most of all, more user friendly way of fixing problems like this?
    I've been receiving numerous different error messages ever since live
    messenger was released, and it is getting rather pathetic. How about a new,
    more stable version??
    Koen van Wielink, Jul 26, 2007
  13. kevsgirlalways

    SB Guest

    Yep this is the one, unlike the solution posted above
    SB, Jul 26, 2007
  14. kevsgirlalways

    SB Guest

    OK, so it worked for 5 minutes

    SB, Jul 26, 2007
  15. kevsgirlalways

    SB Guest

    OK, seems to work now, I went to Tools->Options->Connection->Connection
    TroubleShooter, it found a problem with Key Ports and I pressed the Repair

    Still not 100%, sometimes busy, sometimes disconnects

    Something to do with the Firewall???

    This happened when I upgraded from 8.01 to 8.1
    SB, Jul 26, 2007
  16. Same problem on Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta?
    Darren Straight, Jul 26, 2007
  17. kevsgirlalways

    BM Guest

    Hi there,
    I'm having the error 8100030e since this morning. I've tried everything that
    was suggested here and nothing. Messenger is only able to connect for a few
    seconds and it goes off almost immediately.

    Apparently I'm not the only one, any idea when this problem will be solved?
    Yahoo messenger works perfectly.
    BM, Jul 26, 2007
  18. kevsgirlalways

    CF Guest

    I've had this problem every morning this week. Usually by about 8am PST it
    resolves itself and I'm online. Not so, this morning I can't get on at all.
    CF, Jul 26, 2007
  19. kevsgirlalways

    B Guest

    I have a idem error.. i don`t have Windows Firewall :(!!!
    That I can do?

    B, Jul 26, 2007
  20. kevsgirlalways

    CF Guest

    I uninstalled my version of messenger (8.1) and got an older version from I'm now running 7.5 with no problems. That may help??
    CF, Jul 26, 2007
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