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Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Brian [MSFT], Jul 13, 2004.

  1. Brian [MSFT]

    Brian [MSFT] Guest

    Is FRS still replicating data? This looks more like a potential hardware or
    filesystem issue; FRS makes use of the NTFS change journal and it appears
    that something is failing when querying it. Looping in the filesystem
    newsgroup for more knowledgeable advice.

    Brian [MSFT]

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    Hello there

    after a power-failur one of my server is making strange noise with the hdd's
    (2 in a mirror), doing permanet read or write action . After spending plenty
    of time searching for the cause, i found the following at the ntfrs logs:

    <JrnlGetQueuedCompletionStatus: 3100: 9357: S1: 19:18:19>
    NtRemoveIoCompletion : NTStatus: STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER
    <JournalReadThread: 3100: 9523: S0: 19:18:19> ERROR- Invalid
    Param from GetQueuedCompletionStatus
    <JournalReadThread: 3100: 9526: S0: 19:18:19> Error from
    GetFileInformationByHandle WStatus: ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE
    <JournalReadThread: 3100: 9557: S0: 19:18:19> Dumping Volume
    <JournalReadThread: 3100: 9641: S0: 19:18:19> Journal request
    <JournalReadThread: 3100: 9642: S0: 19:18:19> Next Usn is:
    00000000 838cfaa8
    <JournalReadThread: 3100: 9645: S0: 19:18:19> jb: tf 0158e950
    <JrnlGetQueuedCompletionStatus: 3100: 9357: S1: 19:18:20> 00000000 838cfaa8

    this will be repeated 2 times a second, the "next usn is:" is everytime the
    same number

    The server is w2k sp4 hotfixes up to date, single server with 15clients, no
    replica activated.

    does anybody know what this means, or how to resolve the problem? EventView
    shows no errors.

    searching am microsoft knowledgebase didn't help me

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    Brian [MSFT], Jul 13, 2004
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