Error Code 0x80070052 The directory or file cannot be created

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by tony623, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. tony623

    tony623 Guest

    I recorded some music with "Sound Recorder" from old records to my computer
    an tried copying them to a memory stick. Most of the files copied with no
    problems, but some, will not work. I get an " Error Code 0x80070052 The
    directory or file cannot be created."
    They were all recorded the same way with the file extention .WMA.
    I have lots of room on the memory stick and it checked out ok.
    Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?
    tony623, Mar 10, 2008
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  2. tony623

    Bakaryc Guest

    Bakaryc, Apr 2, 2008
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  3. tony623

    BobF. Guest

    Try this:

    Create a folder on the drive. Then move all your files into that folder.
    BobF., Apr 2, 2008
  4. tony623

    tony623 Guest

    Thanks for your help. I'm good to go.

    tony623, Apr 3, 2008
  5. tony623

    dubai Guest

    dubai, Jul 25, 2008
  6. tony623

    chuckp Guest

    chuckp, Feb 19, 2009
  7. tony623

    nonbuff Guest

    is this thread still live,because i am getting this error whilst trying to
    load an mp3 player,i am not computer savvy and have read all sorts to try to
    cure the problem,ive been told to create a folder also been told to load to
    root directory,non of this makes sense, whats a root directory ,where do i
    find it or even how ?also how many cds do i convert to mp3 in a folder then
    how do i get it onto the mp3 player,i presume i have to delete the tracks
    that are already on the player y/n.i dont want to reformat anything as i have
    lost the entire use of an mp3 player by doing that before because it deleted
    the music play folder so thats out,by the way the player will only accept mp3
    no other format,im a real novice and need talking through this like talking
    to a baby,hel please or ive wasted my cash
    nonbuff, May 27, 2009
  8. What mp3 player is it?
    Did it come with software?
    Most do and you use this to transfer your music to the player, check out the
    instruction leaflet an the softwares help file.
    Graham Hughes, May 28, 2009
  9. tony623

    nonbuff Guest

    Itsx just a bog standard player off e bay it looks like a ipod shuffle but
    its not branded, its sync ed with windows media player but it will only PLAY
    mp3 files so having loaded from there i know it dosent work and thats exactly
    what the guy i bought it off said to me the rest of info is in my other
    original question
    nonbuff, May 28, 2009
  10. tony623

    nonbuff Guest

    forgot to say no software included except for a file on the mp3 player that i
    presume initiates the connection to a pc and does the same for the players
    ability to play the files loaded onto it
    nonbuff, May 28, 2009
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