Error code 0x86000107

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Marc L, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Marc L

    Marc L Guest

    My configuration:
    - Asus laptop computer running Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bits) with
    SP1. I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 and WMDC.
    - HTC Touch Pro running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.
    - My phone also syncs with Microsoft Exchange at my office. This sync
    relationship works fine.

    The phone does connect to the computer. It starts to search for changes on
    my laptop. It sees 685 changes in my contacts, and starts to sync my
    contacts. It stops, however, after exactly 100 contacts, and then gives
    error code 0x86000107, and I am told I have a problem on my desktop.

    Until recently, I had another PDA (HP iPAQ), which synced well, with both
    Microsoft Exchange and Outlook/WMDC.

    I see lots of questions concerning this error code on the internet. However,
    I have not found a clear and successful answer to them. What can be done,
    preferrably without deleting sync relationships etc.?

    Thank you for your answers.
    Marc L, Sep 26, 2008
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  2. I starting having the same problem when I upgraded my HTC Mogul to WM 6.1 -
    prior to that I was syncing to 2 PCs (one with Exchange) with no issues. For
    now, I am only syncing to 1 PC - the one at work - and hoping the problem
    will get fixed.

    and: (the
    ActiveSync forum)

    It might help if you validate the issue at the Connect site.


    ~ Kathleen Anderson
    Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
    Spider Web Woman Designs
    Expression Web Resources:
    FrontPage Resources:
    Please reply to the newsgroup for the benefit of others
    Kathleen Anderson, Sep 26, 2008
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  3. Try a Detect & Repair in Outlook. You will find this feature under the Help
    Linley Meslier, Sep 26, 2008
  4. Marc L

    nkojak Guest

    Got the same problem with an Omnia Samsung. I also sync with two computers
    and they sync Outlook with company calendar en contacts with Oracle
    Connector. Only one time it started to sync again after I restarted my mobile.
    Sometimes I hate Windows!

    nkojak, Sep 28, 2008
  5. Looks like we may be getting some action on this problem. The Product
    Development Team is looking for your ActiveSync logs - see this thread at
    WindowsMobile Connection for more info:


    ~ Kathleen Anderson
    Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
    Spider Web Woman Designs
    Expression Web Resources:
    FrontPage Resources:
    Please reply to the newsgroup for the benefit of others
    Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage], Oct 18, 2008
  6. Marc L

    Rob Guest

    Hi Kathleen,

    I have the same problem with my iPAQ 214 and windows mobile 6.0. When do we
    get the answer from microsoft, and where?


    Rob Gloudi
    Rob, Nov 21, 2008
  7. Hi Rob:

    The answer is that Microsoft has determined what the problem is, and they
    have delivered the fix to the OEMs (the companies that make the phones). It
    is now up to the OEMs to provide an update to their customers that will fix
    the problem.

    For anyone considering buying a new phone with WM 6.1 already installed, you
    should know that the fix is not included (at this time) and so you won't be
    able to sync to two PCs.


    ~ Kathleen Anderson
    Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
    Spider Web Woman Designs
    Expression Web Resources:
    Expression Web Wiki:
    FrontPage Resources:
    Please reply to the newsgroup for the benefit of others
    Kathleen Anderson, Nov 21, 2008
  8. Marc L

    Srinath BT Guest


    I wanted to sync all the contacts to HTC pro. Below are steps I followed.

    1. Installed Active sync on my pc(windows XP home, SP3).
    2. Tranfered all the contacts from SIM using HTC pro to MS outlook 2003. I can see the contacts in the outlook.
    3. Deleted all the contacts from SIM.
    4. When I try to sync the contacts from outlook 2003 to phone, i get the error code 0x86000107

    Please let me know how to get rid of this problem and sync the contacts to HTC pro contacts.


    EggHeadCafe - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Srinath BT, Jan 18, 2009
  9. Marc L

    Yaser Oudeh Guest

    Hi Marc,

    I had the same issue and tried a small work around by deleting
    the profile which has been created by Activesync (Windows Mobile device
    center) onto the desktop and deleted the same onto the phone, and then it
    worked perfectly.
    Yaser Oudeh, Jan 18, 2009
  10. Marc L

    Shaun Guest

    HTC deny receiving this information from Microsoft, as you can see from the
    attached emails.

    Could you please provide a contact at Microsoft who can verify the claim
    that a fix (or information enabling them to devise a fix) has in fact been
    forwarded to HTC.


    From: [mailto:]
    Sent: Wednesday, 21 January 2009 4:59 PM
    Subject: HTC SUPPORT

    Dear Shaun,

    Here is your e-mail as promised.

    Regarding your inquiry for synchronization error 0x86000107, I have verified
    this with our technical department and they have confirmed that there is no
    known fix yet for this error. Microsoft has not notified us that they have a
    devised a fix for this issue.

    Thank you for your continuous support of our products and services. Should
    you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Service Executive
    HTC Corporation
    Customer Service Hotline (Australia): +1300-482-482

    From: Shaun Ginsbourg [mailto:]
    Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 2:20 PM
    To: anz_service
    Subject: Telephone case reference 1091399 - Error code 0x86000107 in

    Recently I rang HTC about the above error code I was receiving when
    attempting to sync my Touch Pro handset with a Windows Vista 6bit PC
    I have successfully sync the machines in the past, however this error
    message appears from time to time. I am usually able to get rid of it by
    deleting and re-establishing my partnerships, but this is time consuming and
    usually results in loss of data. Often it leaves me without my contacts on
    my mobile for a period of time, which is unacceptable.
    Recently the error re-appeared when I attempted to establish a second
    partnership between my Touch Pro and laptop – a function which activesync is
    supposed to support.
    I found the following link
    I note that Kathleen Anderson, a Microsoft MVP, claimed on 21/11/08 that:
    “Microsoft has determined what the problem is, and they
    have delivered the fix to the OEMs (the companies that make the phones). It
    is now up to the OEMs to provide an update to their customers that will fix
    the problem.â€
    Your operator suggested that HTC were aware of the issue and were waiting
    for Microsoft to address the issue.
    Obviously your operator and Kathleen Anderson cannot both be right. So who
    is wrong?

    Your faithfully,

    Shaun Ginsbourg
    Shaun, Jan 21, 2009
  11. Marc L

    brente_de Guest

    Hi Yaser Oudeh,
    you would be the first one in the worldwide net to be successful in this
    issue. Please tell us:
    - are you syncing to two PCs or one PC ?
    - which OS you are using on your PCs ?
    - which Windows Mobile version do you use on your PDA ?
    - which is the build no. of your mobile's OS ?

    Hope for all that you found the final answer !
    brente_de, Jan 22, 2009
  12. Marc L

    techdope Guest


    I would appreciate it if you could let me know when HTC have fixed this
    problem. I have tried contacting HTC (Europe) the send an
    autoacknowledgement, than never reply!

    I find this problem extremely frustrating, how can Microsoft get away with
    issuing such rubbish?

    Many thanks.

    techdope, Jan 26, 2009
  13. There are two problems: generally low quality of ActiveSync, and the
    necessity to issue any device-side patches through the device vendors. I
    don't think that anyone would claim that AS is much good, but, even if
    Microsoft had a perfectly clean and bug-free version sitting in Redmond,
    that would be of no use to you at all. They can only send the components of
    the operating system to each device OEM, HTC, etc. The OEM does the
    integration with their specific hardware, supporting their unique hardware
    capabilities and so on. The OEM has to decide whether they want to invest
    the time to build a new version of the operating system with the patches
    applied for existing devices. Generally, they've decided not to do that,
    probably in hopes that you'd buy this year's device instead. So, while
    Microsoft certainly deserves half the credit for this sort of problem, HTC
    fully deserves the other half.

    Contrast this with Apple, who has exactly two pieces of hardware to make
    their OS run on, the two versions of the iPhone, and who controls both the
    software and the hardware. That's a big advantage in responding to problems
    like this that Microsoft doesn't have because they don't make the hardware.

    Paul T.

    Paul G. Tobey [eMVP], Jan 26, 2009
  14. Hi Paul:
    I don't claim to know anything about the Windows Mobile OS, but I don't
    understand how Microsoft can release some patches directly to us through
    their Download Center, such as the Windows Mobile 6.1 Hot Fix for Sending
    POP and IMAP E-mail, updates for DST and the upgrade for Office 2007 file
    formats, but they can't release this fix directly to us?

    Personally, I wouldn't "buy this year's device instead" unless I knew it
    included the fix for this problem.


    ~ Kathleen Anderson
    Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
    Spider Web Woman Designs
    Expression Web Resources:
    Expression Web Wiki:
    FrontPage Resources:
    Please reply to the newsgroup for the benefit of others

    "Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]" <p space tobey no spam AT no instrument no spam DOT
    com> wrote in message news:...
    Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage], Jan 27, 2009
  15. They can't actually patch most executable files effectively, although I hope
    that this will become possible in some form in the future so we can get out
    from under the device OEMs. Imagine if you had to reinstall all of Windows
    Vista to get the latest security updates! That's kind of the position WM
    finds itself in. If you want to process a new file type, that's a registry
    change which can be accomplished with just a setup script. Same with
    daylight saving time changes. I'm not familiar with what was inside the
    POP/IMAP patch, so I can't speak to that, but Microsoft really can only
    affect the registry or *add* new executable files.

    I'm with you! I still use a WM5 device because, with a few exceptions, it
    does what I want.

    In order to get anything actually fixed in WM, you pretty much have to lean
    on *both* Microsoft and the device OEM for now...

    Paul T.

    Paul G. Tobey [eMVP], Jan 27, 2009
  16. Marc L

    KeithjUK Guest

    KeithjUK, Feb 9, 2009
  17. Marc L

    KeithjUK Guest

    I've found the same works fine for me. I have an O2 Ignito, which I sync
    with my desktop and my laptop. It will work fine with either one,
    indefinitely, but as soon as I sync with the other one, I get the error.

    In my case, it's the Contacts that cause the problem. What I do is to
    disconnect the Ignito from the computer, turn off the Contacts sync on it,
    and connect to the computer. It then syncs everything else OK.

    Then I disconnect, turn Contacts back on, reconnect, and it syncs fine.

    I've not heard of anyone having a "fixed" version of the software. I've
    been looking, since it is a pain having to turn sync off and on, and waiting
    for the Ignito to go through the complete resync process.
    KeithjUK, Feb 9, 2009
  18. Marc L

    Axel Guest

    Dear all,

    I had the same error with a different configuration.
    (HTC Kaiser with a 2007 Exchange server and a pc)
    The methode described by Linley Meslier found one error (and fixed it)
    After which I removed one pc profile, and stripped the exchange profile
    (leaving ony the tasks removing everything else)
    Than got synching again, and added the removed options again.
    Works like a charm again!

    Kind regard,

    Axel, Feb 11, 2009
  19. Marc L

    Lisa Guest

    Dear Marc,
    I too had the same error after I purchased a new HDT cell phone from sprint.
    I have windows vista with outlook 2002 and the 6.1 windows mobile. I spent
    many, many hours on the phone with the tech rep and it was the Outlook that
    was causing the problem. We tried numerous options of trying to fix the
    problem with no luck. I have over 300 contacts.
    I Solved the problem by buying the 2007 outlook for $100 and installing it
    onto my computer. It solved the problem and now my phone syncs like a

    Hope this helps. I can't sleep at night unless I have sync my phone!!!
    Lisa, Feb 14, 2009
  20. Marc L

    siaram Guest

    siaram, Oct 12, 2009
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