Error code C00D11BA - but with a twist and other curiosities

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by kipg, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. kipg

    kipg Guest

    ok - here's a mystery: i run windows mp10 and nero on a 64bit xp - sp3. both
    players have performed very well up until last night. now when i attempt to
    play a file, i get the error above - which makes no sense in the context of
    my recent experience w/mp10. and i also noticed that my nero player just sort
    of freezes up when i try to play a file as well - no audio no nothin.
    interesting enough, under the sound and audio device properties window, the
    options in the audio and voice tabs are grayed out. this was not the case
    earlier, as these options were clearly available just recently. in fact 'no
    playback devices' appear i the default device box - which is way bogus! also
    in the past when i inserted a media disc into one of my cr-rom drives, i was
    immediately asked what device to play it on. now no such thing happens. and
    the device mgr indicates that both drives are working. In then performing a
    virus scan, numerous viruses, trojans and misc crap were found and deleted. i
    am thinking that some sort of malware, virus, trojan - whatever,
    changed/infected some of my settings. i am pretty sure downloading/updating
    drivers do not have anything to do with my current issue. i did a 'last good
    config" rollback, to no effect - still unable to play any media. does anyone
    have an idea about any of this? is there is fix that might resolve the issue
    - perhaps modify settings in the registry? i am contemplating deleting both
    players and then reinstalling them, but i am not sure if that will resolve
    the issue. any useful advice will be greatly appreciated.
    kipg, Feb 4, 2010
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  2. kipg

    Tim De Baets Guest

    Your Windows installation itself probably got damaged by all the viruses
    infecting system files. I would suggest to start with reinstalling
    Windows XP, possibly even a clean install.

    Tim De Baets, Feb 5, 2010
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