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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by LScal, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. LScal

    LScal Guest

    A couple of days ago I was able to surf using my WMP10. I am
    now getting "Error Contacting Service - Please try again later" - though I
    can get all the other services and can get MSN music via my IE browser.
    I would like to use WMP10 for my MSN downloads - Any suggestions?

    LScal, Nov 13, 2004
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  2. LScal

    PalanceH Guest

    There are several of us having this exact issue of late. If you search the
    news group with your error code, you'll find the posts I'm referring to ...
    none of the steps listed helped me resolve my issue. I'd suggest for you to
    read those posts because your question may be addressed.

    In that context, here's how I solved my problem, because I am anal retentive
    .... this was all working one day, then stopped the next. Here's what I've

    Using netstat, a built in network status tool in WinXP, I first opened a DOS
    window then opened WM10. I then immediately went to the DOS window and typed
    "netstat" at the prompt to see what websites were being connected to and
    ironically I saw Walmart's website, etc., but nothing for Note, the netstat list empties after 10-15 seconds. So, I
    switched over to WM10, clicked the down arrow to list all music stores,
    selected browse all music stores, then selected "Try using MSN Music".
    Again, I then switched over to my DOS window, typed netstat at the prompt,
    and I noticed the following URL attempted to connect: Being the rocket scientist that I am, I said self,
    shouldn't it be going to I tried to browse the
    URL in IE and of course it didn't work. I then searched the registry for the URL and nothing was found.

    So, that was a long winded way to say I have no idea why is trying to be accessed when it should be going to Knowing a thing or two about DNS, I entered the following
    line in my hosts file:

    === Side Note ===
    The hosts file is located at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc in WinXP.
    Remember to save the file after the change. Also note, "hosts" is the
    filename, it doesn't have a file extension. If it doesn't exist, then a file
    named hosts.sam should be listed, just rename it to "hosts". It's a text
    file so use notepad or your preferred text editor.

    Essentially, this redirects to the IP address of and sure enough IT WORKED. I can now access MSN Music w/in

    Now here's the million dollar question ... why in the heck is trying to be accessed, when it should be going to I hope this is not some security flaw w/in WM10, i.e. someone
    hacked in via WM10 and changed a setting. If they did, there's no evidence
    of this in the registry.

    I hope this helped someone.

    My $.02,
    PalanceH, Nov 13, 2004
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