Error copying file form Dutch XP system to English W2k3 or W2k ser

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Tom, May 12, 2008.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest


    We have having a problem copying files and mapping drives by name, to
    English file servers. Here is the scnenerio
    We have Dutch XP clients setup in the Netherlands. The file servers in
    the Netherlands are in English.
    We have a VPN setup between our Netscreen Firewalls, allowing access
    both ways. There is a 2 way external trust between the domains.
    In the United States, we have file servers with shares on them. The
    Dutch clients can map a drive by IP address, using credentials from the U.S.
    domain, but cannot map by name. They can resolve the names from command
    prompt. There is a static WINS entry for the file server here. They can copy
    files from the U.S. server to their local machine, but cannot copy from their
    machine to the file server without getting an error stating "The network name
    is no longer available". It does still copy the file, but it is corrupt. It
    seems that there is something done near the end of the copy that causes the
    These dutch clients can, however, copy to a share on an XP system in
    the U.S. office. They just can't do it to a Windows 2000 or 2003 server.
    Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

    Tom, May 12, 2008
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