Error in using dpinst to install signed driver for 2003 x64

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by yingping, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. yingping

    yingping Guest


    I'm new to driver signing and DPInst. Just built a filter driver for 2003
    x64, used a test certificate, generated cat file using inf2cat and signed it.
    Then on a test machine, I imported the certificate and verified the signed
    package. However, when I used DPInst to install the package, I failed. The
    log message is like this. Any idea? Thanks.

    INFO: Found driver package: 'D:\yingping\filt_netx64\filt.inf'.
    INFO: Preinstalling 'd:\yingping\filt_netx64\filt.inf' ...
    INFO: ENTER: DriverPackagePreinstallW
    ERROR: Preinstall is not a supported operation for driver type 5
    INFO: RETURN: DriverPackagePreinstallW (0x1)
    INFO: ENTER: DriverPackageGetPathW
    INFO: No driver store entry for d:\yingping\filt_netx64\filt.inf found.
    (Error code 0xE0000302.)
    INFO: RETURN: DriverPackageGetPathW (0xE0000302)
    INFO: ENTER: DriverPackageInstallW
    INFO: filt.inf: checking signature with catalog
    'd:\yingping\filt_netx64\' ...
    INFO: Driver package 'filt.inf' is Authenticode signed.
    INFO: Copied 'filt.inf' to driver store...
    INFO: Copied '' to driver store...
    INFO: Commiting queue...
    INFO: Copied file: 'd:\yingping\filt_netx64\filt.sys' ->
    ERROR: Could not get services associated with driver package.
    ERROR: The driver installation failed. Attempting to undo system changes
    .... (Error code 0x65B: Function failed during execution.)
    INFO: Driver Store entry removed.
    INFO: RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW (0x65B)
    INFO: Returning with code 0x80010000
    INFO: 04/03/2007 15:59:38
    yingping, Apr 4, 2007
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  2. yingping

    Ray Trent Guest

    Did you sign the .sys binary too? That's required on x64.
    Ray Trent, Apr 4, 2007
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  3. yingping

    yingping Guest

    Signed the cat file. Does that impact the DPInst installation?

    yingping, Apr 4, 2007
  4. No, it wouldn't impate the DPInst installation.
    On Vista x64, you must sign kernel mode binaries in order for them to LOAD,
    but a catalog signature is fine unless it is a boot critical driver.

    Looking at the error message, the problem was not signing related. The
    failure occurred while adding the driver to the driver store (driver
    installation), not while loading the driver (which is when the 64 bit kernel
    mode security checking is done).

    Something about your driver package is wrong, but I can't tell what from the
    error message. It's not the signing.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.
    Jennifer Stepler [MSFT], Apr 6, 2007
  5. yingping

    Ray Trent Guest

    True enough (though it's still an important point, of course).

    OP: can you post your INF file and a list of the files in your install
    Ray Trent, Apr 6, 2007
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