Error loading driver of Realtek onboard sound AC97

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by ReMeE, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. ReMeE

    ReMeE Guest

    My system specs are:
    Mobo Asus K8N4-E deluxe
    AMD 64 3200+ processor
    2 x 1024 Gb Kingston memory
    1 x 300 Gb Maxton SATA harddisk
    1 x Geforce 6600LE videocard
    1 x hauppauge 500MCE tv-card
    blue tooth microsoft mouse and keyboard

    After installing Vista RC1 (with lots of trouble) I finaly managed to
    install it but get while working now and then a blue screen saying 'irq not
    less or equal' of 'memory management error' so my installation propebly is
    not 100%.

    My question is that after te installation there is no soundcard detected by
    Vista. So I let it search for drivers. I have the latest vista beta drivers
    vor Nvida (i have a nforce4 board) so it finds the nvidia sound drivers.
    After installing them without any problems I don't hear a sound (in xp the
    Nvidia drivers also don't work so I don't find this strange). I decided to
    uninstall the soundcard and drivers. Second I tryed the latest Relatek Vista
    drivers but with this also no succes. The sound-pictogram in the system-tray
    says 'no sound hardware installed' (or something like this) although in the
    software session I see the software (and drivers) are installed. So I
    uninstalled these drivers also and tryed searching drivers through
    windows-update. It finds the drivers and installes them. But again no sound.
    When I look in the devicemanager there is a exclamation mark besides the
    soundcard wich says 'drivers are installed but can't be loaded.

    Anyone with the same problem? What can cause the driver not to load?
    ReMeE, Sep 7, 2006
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  2. ReMeE

    Zapper Guest

    I use the drivers from RealTeks site called AC97 for my nForce 4 MoBO.
    The x64 version will run better then x86 on your machine. I gave up on the
    x86 after MANY BSOD's

    <DIV>&quot;ReMeE&quot; &lt;&gt; wrote in
    Zapper, Sep 7, 2006
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  3. ReMeE

    ReMeE Guest

    Do you mean the X64 version of vista or the x64 drivers of the Realtek
    drivers? And if you mean Vista, do all the 32-bits programs run on the x64
    version of Vista?
    ReMeE, Sep 7, 2006
  4. ReMeE

    Romo828 Guest

    Romo828, Sep 21, 2006
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