Error message 0x80883001, Activesync 4.5, Windows Mobile 6.0

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Chowbiz, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Chowbiz

    Chowbiz Guest

    On a daily basis, I receive the message that I need to do a manual re-sync
    and that everything I've done since my last sync will be lost. An entire
    re-sync process is started from the beginning.

    Furthermore, all recurring appointments do not appear on my PDA.

    I am using Outlook 2003, activesynch 4.5, Windows Mobile 6.0 on a T-Mobile
    Dash phone.

    My main e-mail is through Novell Groupwise, but I can use Outlook 2003's
    Groupwise connector and see all of my mail and appointments.

    Any help would be appreciated. (I had no problem using activesync 4.1,
    Mobile 5.0, and Intellisync!)
    Chowbiz, Jun 7, 2007
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  2. Chowbiz

    Chowbiz Guest

    How many people answer their own problems? Mine is not resolved, but it is

    1) The primary solution was to eliminate other "profiles" using the Control
    Panel. This seems to have eliminated the need to entirely re-sync.

    2) What's still missing is that recurring appointments do not appear on my
    PDA. Well, this appears to be related to using the Groupwise Connector with
    Outlook 2003 more than anything else. If I open Groupwise, create a
    recurring appointment, then open Outlook, the appointment appears, but does
    not sync. If I create the appointment in Outlook, it does sync. So, there's
    a bug somewhere in there and I still need help with that.

    3) Finally, the error message seems to be very rare and is not listed.

    I'll probably do a new posting with the new problem
    Chowbiz, Jun 14, 2007
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  3. Chowbiz

    Stefo Guest

    I am having the same problem. I am using Outlook 2003, Windows Vista with
    Windows Mobile Device Center, Windows 6 and T-Mobile Dash.

    I am not clear how to eliminate other "profiles". Is this in ActiveSynch? If
    yes then it wouldn't apply to me since I am using VISTA with Windows Mobile
    Device Center.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
    Stefo, Jun 16, 2007
  4. Chowbiz

    Chowbiz Guest


    I eliminated the other profiles by going to control panel/mail in Windows XP
    Pro. There I eliminated the other profile.

    Now I'm still having problems, just not this problem...
    Chowbiz, Jun 18, 2007
  5. Chowbiz

    Rilesman Guest

    I am having the same problem but it is the T-Mobile Wing and Outlook 2007.
    Rilesman, Jun 21, 2007
  6. Chowbiz

    jl Guest

    I have similiar problem. After I update Activesync to 4.5 from 4.2, then the
    INBOX sudden missing on ActiveSync screen and Option, but Calender, Contact,
    Tasks, Notes are still exsiting on ActiveSync screen and Option. I do not
    know why, INBOX had shown on ActiveSync screen and Option before I update
    ActiveSync to 4.5 from 4.2. Please help. I use Microsoft Outlook 2003,
    Widows XP, HP Jornada 540.
    jl, Aug 27, 2007
  7. I'm having the same frustrating problem, and am finding no help on the forums. Turning off the network sync buttom makes no difference. I only have one profile set up for mail. Running XP with all Service Packs and updates, antivirus and spyware. Also receive annoying COM Surrogate Error that forces shutdown shortly after this error. Any help would be deeply appreciated. If this keeps up, I have to return the Mogul. Love it, but can't spend 2 hours a day reprogramming it to function.

    EggHeadCafe - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Chuck Crowley, Oct 5, 2007
  8. Chowbiz

    Erwin Ras Guest

    This seems to be a common problem of the outlook program and specially with the inbox. If you have one computer running outlook 2003 and inbox open and sign on another terminal (or computer, not expierence the problem as much), seems that all the emails will be gone. So the same happen with mine Asus 626 and noticed that to sync this device I have to make sure that the outlook on the computer is not running and I can sync only in txt mode and not HTML. So set the setting for the email sync for txt and make sure that the outlook on your computer is not running and it will work fine. It's a bug in the program, but that is the same expeirence as I explain before.

    EggHeadCafe - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Erwin Ras, Oct 9, 2007
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