error message C00D1199 while using Windows Media Player

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Ibbster, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. Ibbster

    Ibbster Guest

    I've encountered error message C00D1199 while using Windows Media Player. The file is avi. Is there a way to fix it so it can be played.
    Ibbster, Jun 13, 2004
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  2. Error C00D1199 or ""Error: Unsupported Format" means little to nothing in
    terms of a single fix and doesnt "always" really mean that you are trying to
    play an upsupported format. There is not a single thing you can do to fix
    it. It will greatly depend on what you are doing when you get the error
    along with your system configuration.

    One of the first things you will want to check is if you are playing a
    supported file type. The link below links the file types playable and not
    playable in Windows Media Player.

    You might receive this for an AVI if you don't have the correct codec for
    that AVI installed. If you get this while playing an AVI see below...

    Using a DirectShow decoding filter such as FFDShow will decrease the
    problems you could run into with codec problems. FFDshow will decode XviD,
    DivX 3/4/5, 3IVX, and has support for many other codec's. It can be
    downloaded at (Download ffdshow-20020617.exe and
    then run it's installer)

    If you just wish to install the individual codec's for your specific video
    or FFDShow doesn't support the codec for you file please do the following.
    - Download and use GSpot (
    - Run the installer, open GSpot, goto File>>Open.
    - Look for the 4CC code for the file's Video Codec
    - will help you.
    (Or post the information back here and I can help)

    If you have the correct codec installed and the video still doesnt play
    download GSpot (Above) and run your AVI though the program. If Gspot says
    "Failed to render", "Missing Chuck", etc. then your video file is corrupt.

    If you get this while try to play MPEG-2 video or a DVD then you will want
    to do the following...
    - Reinstall your DVD/MPEG-2 decoder
    - Update your video card drivers

    Some hardware-created ASF's will produce this error. The fix for that is at

    In some cases people have run into this error when the wrong audio device is
    selected in WMP.
    - Tools>>Options>>Devices>>Speakers>>Properties will allow you to change it.

    If you get the error while trying to play MIDI's please see

    Again, since this error means little to nothing if the above doesn't help
    please provide more information in your post. will
    help you know what kind of information will be helpful to your peer's so
    they can try and help.

    Chris Lanier
    Microsoft MVP - Digital Media
    The file is avi. Is there a way to fix it so it can be played.
    Chris Lanier [MVP], Jun 13, 2004
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