Error number: 0x80070424...Windows Update....

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by trey braid, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. trey braid

    trey braid Guest

    hey ive posted on this subject a couple of weeks ago and was told to do a do
    a number or things top my computer..i finally got up the nerve to uninstall
    sp2 and try and get this mess straightened out this weekend....
    in a nutshell my dilemna was i was unable to access my windows firewall and
    security center- the screen would just flash and then disappear...we found
    out i had a trojan or malware installed on my computer (the W32.Tibick trojan
    ) has somehow altered my registry settings and i am locked out of my
    registry... im also unable to access certain website's ( trend micro... or
    anything havving to do with virus prevention - though i have been able to get
    to a couple of site's to download some program's to run on my laptop... )
    this morning i went ahead and uninstalled service pack 2 since it was
    obvious that i had a dirty install since this trojan was already on my
    computer before i did the update last year....
    i have run the following programs on my laptop to clean it out since :
    trojanscan- it couldnt access system volume
    cws shredder- gets stuck on myrealsearch
    stinger-- though i have to choose run from the website it will not let me
    download the program- runs and finds nothing...
    ad aware se--only in ad aware se does it find the 2 registry key's that have
    been altered...
    ive tried to go to the trendmicro website and run housecall but it will not
    let me pull the site up....ive even gone to pc pitstop and when i click on
    the virus tab the webpage will disappear...
    im now unable to even get to the windows update webpage...and still cant
    acess my registry... also i am unable to even install a program called
    hijackthis as well....
    is there a way i can reset the registry settings- since the trojan has
    embedded itself deeply within the registry and has locked me out...
    please help!!!
    trey braid, Feb 5, 2005
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  2. trey braid

    Tracy Guest

    I have had the same problem with this error message. I don't show that I
    have malware causing this but I am sure that I do. I wish that someone
    could help me fix this.

    Tracy, Feb 5, 2005
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