Error number 0x800A01B6 trying to run Windows Update

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by David, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. David

    David Guest

    I get the above error, along with a "We're Sorry" message trying to run
    Windows Update. I cannot find any explanation of what this error means. I
    am setup as an administrator on all my accounts. I am trying to get SP2
    installed on the PC.
    David, Sep 17, 2004
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  2. Hi

    The only reference I can find of 0x800A01B6/800A01B6 in the
    microsoft.public.windowsupdate group is this one:

    800A01B6 Antivirus or firewall software may be preventing the site
    software from functioning correctly. disabling their anti-virus or
    firewall software for the duration of the update session

    found at

    Anyway, I suggest you use the full SP2 installation instead of
    Windows Updates to install SP2.

    SP2 is available at the Microsoft Download Center
    (standalone "network" version, 266 MB):

    (disregard the "intended for IT professionals and developers" part,
    it can be used on a single computer as well)

    If you do not have broadband at home, but you have at work or you have
    friends that have it, you can download it there and burn it to a CD.

    If you think that the download is to large, you can get the same
    file on a CD from Microsoft.

    The Windows XP SP2 CD order point:

    For folders you can consider deleting and other disk cleanup tips
    after a successful SP2 installation, take a look here:

    Before installing SP2, you should take a look at the
    following sites:

    What to Know Before You Download and Install Windows XP Service Pack 2

    How to successfully install Windows XP Service Pack 2.

    Service Pack Installation Checklist

    Please take a look at this Microsoft knowledge base article as well:

    Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not available to install from Windows
    Update and is not offered by Automatic Updates

    *Important* part from the link above:

    If you have T.V. Media from Total Velocity Corporation installed, or
    your processor is a Intel P4 Prescott with C-0 stepping, you should
    not install SP2.

    Intel P4 Prescott processors came out February 2004, so if your
    computer is older than that, this is not an issue for you. Also, if
    you have a Dell, IBM or HP, this is not an issue.

    If you suspect/know you have an Intel P4 Prescott processor, take a
    look at the two following Web sites for what you need to do/have to
    be able to install SP2 on the computer:


    Microsoft have now released a fix for the problem where SP2 fails to
    boot after installing it in a PC with the Prescott or a Celeron D CPU
    (or fails to install in the case of slipstreamed cds). The problem is
    described here:

    and the download for the fix is available here (install it before you
    install SP2):

    Also, if you have a Dell Dell Inspiron 1150 or 2650, you might get a
    slow running system after installing SP2, take a look at this thread
    for more on this:$
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Sep 17, 2004
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