Error number 0x8DDD0009

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by KKelly, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. KKelly

    KKelly Guest

    Having re-installed WXP pro on a reformatted drive. Same message "Website
    unavailable..." different error number in right hand corner. I have tried
    several things in the MS Knowledge Base that pertain to this message, though
    not this specific error. First time I've ever had any problem with this.

    KKelly, Sep 15, 2006
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  2. KKelly

    Crispy Guest

    Hi Kelly:
    I just spent the last 8 hours trying to solve the same dreaded Error #
    while trying to use windows update on a toshiba laptop that had a a newly
    installed Windows XP Pro os on a new 40 Gig hard drive. I have tried
    numerous suggestions from this group before finally finding the one that
    worked for me.
    Based on a suggestion from this group, I ended up having to re-register the
    several files that are listed below. I don't know if any of the numerous
    other things that I did contributed to fixing the problem but it seems this
    is the solution that did the trick. Some of the other things that I tried
    included: updating Bios, stopping and starting events, etc...
    I hope MS can be more helpful in the future to the
    large number of customers who undoubtitly will have the same errror code.
    Crispy, Sep 15, 2006
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  3. KKelly

    BTs Guest

    I can only comment on 0x8DDD0009. Very strange that one, no-one had any
    suggestions to my post !!! SEEMS MANY ARE HAVING THIS PROBLEM ! - Google it.
    My Pc was locking up aswell trying to update.
    I just posted this, seems to have fixed itsself over night (Fairys LOL)
    The last link was interesting !
    MY POST :
    Well I rebooted last night, turned on auto update and my PC "hung" again. I
    left it and this morning UPDATES had dwnloaded ! Great ! I have installed
    them now and the old girl is running as smooth as again !!!!! Mhhhh strange
    I did try a few of these suggestions but dont think they had worked !;en-us;290301
    I tried these but the most interesting I thought was this, ANY COMMENTS GUYS
    ? !!!!
    BTs, Sep 15, 2006
  4. KKelly

    Jim Byrd Guest

    Hi K. Kelly - This has been showing up a lot recently and most of the
    offered doesn't seem to help much, but the following has worked, especially
    for some Win2k systems.

    Try the following:

    1. Close ALL instances of IE/OE/and Windows Explorer.
    2. In Control Panel, open Internet Options.
    3. Clear the TIF to include Off-line Content
    4. Clear History
    5. On the Advanced Tab, UNcheck "Clear third party browser extenstions"
    6. Reboot, then reboot again (Yes, twice! ), and then retry Update
    (Windows or Microsoft, whichever you're using.)

    If It now works, then one of your BHO's is likely the problem. One known
    culprit for this error is McAfee's version of Site Advisor. If you have it
    installed, uninstall the McAfee Site Advisor (you may have two installed,
    one under McAfee and one under Site Advisor, BTW) and then RE-check "Clear
    third party browser extenstions", and then see if Update still works. If
    not, then you'll just have to try disabling your BHO's one at a time to find
    the problem guy. Try BHO Cop (from PC Mag if you happen to have this) or

    Please post back with your results.

    Regards, Jim Byrd, MS-MVP/DTS/AH-VSOP
    My Blog, Defending Your Machine, here:

    || Having re-installed WXP pro on a reformatted drive. Same message
    || unavailable..." different error number in right hand corner. I have
    || several things in the MS Knowledge Base that pertain to this message,
    || not this specific error. First time I've ever had any problem with this.
    || Thanks
    Jim Byrd, Sep 18, 2006
  5. KKelly

    Yuriy Guest

    I also have this probplem on my Vaio Intel 333 MHz laptop, however after
    getting this error message it becomes frozen and after reboot OS (WIN XP PRO
    SP1) becomes unoperable, so I need to reinstall it and after each new
    installation it happens again. I also tried WIN 2000 Pro and got exactly the
    same problem.
    I tried all possible suggestions from this and other discussins - no luck.
    At the same time my desktop wich is AMD 1.6 GHz works fine with both
    microsoft and windows updates.

    Seems like Microsoft urges slow computer owners to update hardware...
    Yuriy, Sep 18, 2006
  6. KKelly

    John Guest

    I'm going around for the second time on this one. Last month, I had two
    of four Windows XP computers exhibiting this problem when I tried to do
    a manual update. As a workaround, I changed the setting to allow them to
    automatically download the updates but let me control when they were
    installed. After doing that, I changed the setting back to manual
    updates and confirmed that I could access the WU site and it would tell
    me there were no critical updates that I needed.

    Today I tried to download the September updates and I encountered the
    same problem on the same two computers. This time there was an
    additional problem that IE seemed to be locked up and I had to reboot
    before I could do anything. Once again, I downloaded the patches
    automatically and installed them manually, and once again I can now use
    the WU site.

    The two computers with this problem are both quite old. One is a 200 MHz
    Pentium MMX, and the other is an 300 MHz AMD K3. These computers always
    take a long time to determine what patches are required, just because
    they are slow processors. I wonder if the problem is that something is
    timing-out when the time required to do this exceeds some period?

    Please don't tell me to junk the two old machines. For a few specific
    tasks, they are still quite adequate. I do most of my work on a new Dual
    Core machine. Windows XP runs OK on these two machines with the
    exception of this manual update problem.

    Considering the number of folks reporting this issue over the last
    couple of months, I hope someone at Microsoft is working on a solution!

    John, Sep 18, 2006
  7. KKelly

    femo Guest

    I had this problem on a Vaio.
    I solved it when I installed IE7 alone (not by the Microsoft Update).
    Hope this help anybody
    femo, May 14, 2007
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