eSATA External drive keeps vanishing

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by alanho, May 27, 2008.

  1. alanho

    alanho Guest

    Vista 3
    ASUS P5KC Mob
    Intel Q6600 CP
    Antec 650 W PS
    Two SATA 320 GB internal drives connected to SATA slots 1 and 2 of
    An external ASUS eSATA and USB2 enclosure with WD 640 GB SATA har
    drive connected to an eSATA port on the computer

    The external eSATA hard drive works fine after a reboot but after a fe
    hours it vanishes and cannot be found by Explorer or the Control pane
    even though it has not been accessed to modify, delete or add files.
    reboot finds the drive and it works again for a while

    I have an eSATA backplate port connected to slot 3 on the mobo. Th
    mobo also has an integral eSATA port on the back. The problem occur
    when I connect the external drive to either of these ports

    The external enclosure also has a USB2 connection - if I use this th
    problem does not occur indicating that the hard drive itself is OK

    Any suggestions
    alanho, May 27, 2008
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  2. Sure: if the integral eSATA port works just fine, there is no need to
    use the backplate port, unless you actually need it.

    Also, make sure both the external and internal eSATA cables are rated
    at 3.0GB/sec.

    The best external eSATA cable I've found so far is the SiiG
    CB-SA0111-S1, for 12.99 from Amazon. When you buy a new Intel
    Motherboard with eSATA on the motherboard, they supply the internal
    cables, but no external cables.

    I have yet to find an eSATA HD which INCLUDES an external SATA cable.
    Firewire, yes; USB2, yes; eSATA, NO.

    Here in Portland, I searched all over to find an external eSATA cable.
    Even Radio Shack did not have any in stock. IN fact, I found only ONE
    place which had a single one in stock, and he wanted almost $20 for
    it. Needless to say, I decided to wait a few day and ordered one

    Why they are failing to stock these cables, I don't know. They SELL
    eSATA drives, but NOT the necessary eSATA cables. Makes no sense to
    me. Everyone I spoke with in my search told me that eSATA drives were
    increasing in popularity, and they carried the drives, but when I
    asked them why they didn't carry the necessary cables, they had no

    It's not as if they are scarce online. Any large online retailer,
    such as Tigerdirect, or CDW, carry them. Why don't the local builders
    stock them?

    They may be found cheaper (around $3.50 on some sites), but their
    quality does not compare with the SiiG cables.

    Also, last, but not least: I have found that if you are using a RAID
    array, eSATA doesn't work very well.

    Try setting your BIOS to emulate IDE on SATA drives, and you shouldn't
    have much trouble.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the original newsgroup and thread.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 27, 2008
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  3. alanho

    alanho Guest

    Thanks for your informative response

    Please note that I have problems with both the backplate port and th
    integral port. Hence this may point the finger at my eSATA cable which
    purchased from Maplins - which is possibly the UK equivalent of Radi
    Shack. There was no rating on the packaging or cable so I have no ide
    whether or not it is rated at 3 GB/sec. The mystery is the drive i
    accessible for a few hours after a reboot and then vanishes for no know
    reason. How then could the cable be at fault since the drive works O
    for long periods

    The backplate port came with its own internal SATA cable so I can onl
    assume it to be correctly rated. The integral port is attached directl
    to the mobo - hence does not have an internal cable
    alanho, May 28, 2008
  4. alanho

    Dospac Guest

    This is caused by the same issue as SATA optical drives/HDs disappearin
    in Vista. It's not the cable, though it's worth trying another

    Microsoft theoretically is working on a fix.
    Dospac, May 28, 2008
  5. I noticed an hour ago on my own machine. Seems that each time I leave
    the computer running (even sleeping) for several hours, the eSATA
    drive disappears. If I look in Disk Manager, it doesn't appear. If I
    look in Explorer or Computer, it doesn't appear.

    IF I then unpower it, then repower it, and reboot, it appears once

    NOTE that my SATA drives (even the eSATA drive) are set to run in IDE

    You may be right about the cause. Thanks very much.

    I'm glad to hear that Microsoft is working on the problem. That means
    we may get a fix by the time Windows 7 is released to Beta testers.
    He, he, he...

    Donald L McDaniel
    Please reply to the original newsgroup and thread.
    Donald L McDaniel, May 29, 2008
  6. alanho

    03hdfatboy Guest

    I knew as soon as I saw the title of your thread you were using an asus
    board I had the same issue when I was running one myself. The best I can
    remember there is a setting in your bios you have to change but I don't
    remember what it was and I don't have my manual anymore to look at my
    notes.. It is not a Vista issue mine done the same thing when I was
    running XP.
    Hope this helps


    *my baby...*
    *raidmax smilodon dirk-tooth case*
    *pc power & cooling 1200w psu*
    *abit aw9d-max w*
    *intel core 2 extreme qx6700 @ 3668.5 mhz*
    *vigor gaming clt-m2i 92mm thermal electric cpu cooler*
    *corsair dominator 4gb *
    *ati x1950xtx + ati x1950cf*
    *hauppauge wintv-hvr-1800*
    *400 gb, 320 gb sata seagate barracudas*
    *i-rocks e-sata w/500gb seagate*
    *2 sony/nec optiarc 1(7170a) 1(ad-7191s)*
    *acer al2216wbd *
    *logitech g15 gamer & mx518 *
    *creative labs 5.1 speakers*
    03hdfatboy, May 29, 2008
  7. To follow on the 03hdfatboy's advice, the manual should available on the
    ASUS site for viewing or download. Although I get fed up with how long it
    takes to get anything done on the ASUS site, you might have better luck.
    Colin Barnhorst, May 29, 2008
  8. alanho

    03hdfatboy Guest

    Their site is slow :( I can't for the life of me remember what it was



    *my baby...
    *raidmax smilodon dirk-tooth case
    *pc power & cooling 1200w psu
    *abit aw9d-max
    *intel core 2 extreme qx6700 @ 3668.5 mhz
    *vigor gaming clt-m2i 92mm thermal electric cpu cooler
    *corsair dominator 4gb
    *ati x1950xtx + ati x1950cf
    *hauppauge wintv-hvr-1800
    *400 gb, 320 gb sata seagate barracudas
    *i-rocks e-sata w/500gb seagate
    *2 sony/nec optiarc 1(7170a) 1(ad-7191s)
    *acer al2216wbd
    *logitech g15 gamer & mx518
    *creative labs 5.1 speakers*
    03hdfatboy, May 30, 2008
  9. alanho

    Dospac Guest

    This would require a re-install of the OS

    At any rate, I enabled the JMicron IDE controller on my board, the Asu
    P5E, and hooked up an old 16X DVD-ROM. The disappearing drive ac
    doesn't happen with this

    Interestingly though, after doing some further google searching, i
    seems as if the Intel Matrix Storage Driver might need to be installe
    with RAID and/or AHCI enabled. I had originally not installed i
    because the installer reported a newer version of the driver installe

    At any rate, I am going to re-attach the SATA DVD-RW I have sittin
    disconnected in my case and see if that storage driver resolved th
    problem. I'm skeptical but at least I know I can buy a better ID
    DVD-RW and get by w/my system without reinstalling the OS.
    Dospac, Jun 3, 2008
  10. alanho

    Pavel A. Guest

    Interesting... could this be a sort of "power management" issue?
    To check this, the OP could "ping" the drive periodically (from a background
    ..bat file) so it won't idle down.
    Also, does the eventlog show anything relevant?

    Pavel A., Jun 5, 2008
  11. alanho

    Dospac Guest

    Controller errors and "this drive has been removed unexpectedly" showe
    up for me in the event log. Installing the Intel Matrix Storag
    Manager/driver fixed my problems.
    Dospac, Jun 8, 2008
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