eSATA external HDD ok under XP, no longer activated under Vista x64

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by lanstrad, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. lanstrad

    lanstrad Guest

    I have seen a thread about that, but since it's getting old, I wanted t
    post a new one to ensure it will be seen... Sorry for redundency if yo
    have read it elsewhere

    I have a dual-boot PC (Win XP Pro 32 bit and VISTA x64). The Nextar3
    plugged through eSATA (ASUS P5B) was seen until a few days ago when
    updated BIOS (for another problem)

    Since then, only XP sees the external drive (in a Nextar 3 encavure).
    Under Disk Management, I can see this ''disk 0'' (dynamic) a
    unactivated (in Vista) - I don't even see the two volumes on it anymore
    (And the drive had been plugged there way after my Vista installation).

    Under XP, I have no problem at all..

    I have been trying to find a fix to that at Microsoft forums, and a fe
    others as well, but the only reply was to convert to basix disk - whic
    would then require to wipe out a few installations that I use only unde

    And Microsoft knowledged base suggest to ''reactivate'' disk with
    simple right-click, but I don't even see that option possible (it's no
    there, not even in grey !)..

    Anyone finally found a fix to that

    lanstrad, Jun 5, 2008
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