Establish Trust between WinNT4 / Win2003 mixed mode

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Filipe, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Filipe

    Filipe Guest


    I need to establish a trust between two domains, one is a NT4 Domain and the
    other is a Win2003 AD mixed mode.
    I have a router between the two domains.

    I have added a static mapping of the "win2003" domain to the WINS of NT4
    I have also added to the lmhosts file (in WinNT4) the entry of #PRE #DOM
    "win2003" domain.

    When i do "c:\nbtstat -c" i get:
    win2003 <1c> group x.x.x.x -1
    adsrv2003 <03> unique x.x.x.x -1
    adsrv2003 <00> unique x.x.x.x -1
    adsrv2003 <20> unique x.x.x.x -1

    When i do "c:\nbtstat -a adsrv2003" i get:
    the status of the adsrv2003 as expected, __MSBrowse__ saiyng the domain
    (pre-win2000 name) and no conflits.

    When i try to add the win2003 domain to the "trusted Domains" on the "user
    manager" of NT4 i get the error message:
    "Could not find domain controller for this domain"

    Can someone help, what am i missing, doing wrong...

    Thanks to all
    Filipe, Jan 9, 2008
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