Event ID 9175 and 455 -I can't mount my Mailbox Store in my First

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by steve02a, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. steve02a

    steve02a Guest

    Here is something I'm seeing a lot in my event viewer:

    Product: Exchange
    Event ID: 9175
    Source: MSExchangeSA
    Version: 6.5.0000.0
    Message: The MAPI call 'value' failed with the following error: error code

    That even ID 9175 is all over my event viewer - probably about 20 instances
    of it right after I reboot the comput. I think I've narrowed down the
    problem to - I can't mount my Mailbox Store in my First Storage Group for

    I also get this in my event viewer:

    Product: Exchange
    Event ID: 455
    Source: ESE
    Version: 6.5.0000.0
    Message: process name (process id) file nameError %5 occurred while opening
    logfile error code.

    I think both of these events - at least the problem that reports these event
    ID's has caused my exchange server to just die (well, more precisly, nobody
    in my company can send/get email).

    A lot of what I've read so far says to make sure store.exe is running as a
    service (it is). Check permissions on certain folders (permissions are all
    good) - but right now, my exchange box is just dead w/nobody being able to
    connect via outlook or send/get email. Yesterday it was working great -
    today, just walked in to work and poof - stops working. Nobody has played
    w/the exchange box - I'm the only person in the company with access to it.

    I figured there was a problem when outlook 2003 was reporting: Task
    Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x8004011D)

    Does anyone know what's going on?? Thanks in advance all.

    I also read this page and all the links - but nothing helped:

    steve02a, Dec 30, 2005
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  2. Dave Nickason [SBS MVP], Dec 30, 2005
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