Event Log - Event ID 560 on printing.

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Jonathan, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest


    Although only an annoyance, when users print on my network I get an error
    event ID 560 in the Security log. I audit for print success/Failure and
    failure to delete print jobs using the 'everyone' group. Can someone shed
    some light on this and what I can do to get rid of these events. The users
    all are allowed to print to these printers, and I get the usual print event
    in the system log.

    As a secxond one with printing, I usually get anonymous users in the print
    events especially when they print MS Project data, why, and how can I get
    the real username instead of Anonymous in the log.

    We're running NT4 sp6a + post 6a Security hotfix on all machines.


    Jonathan, Sep 27, 2004
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