Excel file (MS Office 2003, .xls extension) attachment automaticallybeing changed to Excel-Macro Ena

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by anil.baweja, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. anil.baweja

    anil.baweja Guest

    Dear Specialists,

    Strange behavior observed on one of the user's machine running WIndows-7.
    Excel attachment with ".xls" extension in the Windows live mail, when clicked to open, the excel file does not open & user is prompted to save the file as ".xlsm" extension. User do not have MS Office 2007 installed.

    Is it due to virus or some other design?

    Seek help to resolve this issue.

    Anil Baweja
    anil.baweja, Mar 26, 2014
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  2. anil.baweja

    StephenB Guest

    StephenB, Mar 26, 2014
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  3. anil.baweja

    ...winston Guest

    That extension is an Excel created/supported file...Excel (installed on
    the same machine) rather than the stand-alone free Excel viewer is a
    requirement to open the file.
    ...winston, Mar 27, 2014
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