Excessive Processor Queue Length, but % Processor Time is only 15%

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Steve Snure, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Steve Snure

    Steve Snure Guest


    My Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server is a Dell PowerEdge 350 (700mhz
    clock) and seems to have a bottleneck. I have about 6 users connecting to
    the T/S, each of which complains of very slow response. The server has 1gb
    of ram and seldom consumes more than 700mb.

    What I've done to identify the problem:

    I've set up the Performance Monitor to watch several counters. I've found
    two scenarios to be quite common, particularly #2.

    Scenario #1 happens on occasion - According to Microsoft, "To determine
    whether a processor bottleneck exists due to high levels of demand for
    processor time, check the value of the System\Processor Queue Length
    counter. A queue of two or more items indicates a bottleneck." My Processor
    Queue is typically 7-8, or up to four times the expected rate. However, the
    % Processor Time counter only shows an average of about 15%. I would think
    that if there were this many queued processes that the processor would be
    running at 100% to work the queue.

    I've also found that % Interrupt Time and Server Work Queue counters are
    very low.

    Scenario #2 happens very frequently - The % Processor Time counter shows
    100% usage. Pages/Sec and Page Faults/Sec seem to track together and often
    exceed 80% during the % Processor Time high usage periods. The Average Disk
    Queue Length is only 0.062.


    While the Terminal Server environment loves fast CPU's I'm not yet convinced
    that a faster CPU is the answer. I'm more wondering if there is another
    problem that I haven't detected. I would really appreciate anyone's input.
    Steve Snure, Oct 27, 2004
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