Exchange 5.5 behaves like schizo

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by HMOOC, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. HMOOC

    HMOOC Guest

    There has not been a dull moment in my role since I started about 2 months
    into my job. Today, my Exchange 5.5 server was not able to send any STMP
    emails out to the Internet. We are able to receive external emails.
    Receiving internal emails are fine also. There is actually another issue
    with this server but I will deal with it some other time. Since this is not
    the first time that it has happened so I am not totally oblivious to what's
    going on.

    However it's starting to freak me out 'cause I have to drop everything I am
    trying to focus on to attend to it. I am not trying to slack off from my
    responsibilities of reading and researching for myself. I hope you guys will
    cut me some slacks as I am the sole IT person who handle everything from
    desktop support, boardroom setup, monitoring servers after hours, printers,
    purchasing etc. With the project at hand to migrate the server off of 5.5 ton
    SBS W2K3, I am just caught between of transitioning.

    With all that said, these are the checkpoints I gone through before
    rebooting Exchange. Normally rebooting the server reset everything and most
    of the time, it works.

    1. Ping Exchange if there's connectivity
    2. Send an email to Exchange from an Internet email account
    3. Send an email from Exchange to my Internet email account
    4. Check that there is enough disk space for log files
    5. Restart the Internet Mail Service

    With the situation today, I stopped the Internet Mail Service and then
    emptied out the log files. There were about 350 Mbytes of disk space left
    where the log files are stored. I restarted the Internet Mail Service but I
    was not able to send SMTP emails out to the Internet. So I though I will try
    to stop and start all the Exchange service but still does not work. When I
    rebooted the server it was working again. I am wondering if anyone had
    similar experience like this and what are your methods in troubleshooting the
    problem. All inputs are welcome as to what other ways you look to resolve
    these kind of situations.

    Thanks, Helen
    HMOOC, Jan 26, 2006
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