Explorer Horizontal slider moves all the way to the right

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by DanDan, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. DanDan

    DanDan Guest

    I have a client whose Windows XP Pro SP2 Explorer opens and moves his view
    all the way to the right in any view. The slider moves all the way to the
    right and sticks there like it is the default. By that, I mean, he can drag
    it to the left, but it does not stay where he leaves it - it pops back to the
    right. This happern when he opens any instance of explorer, whether in Word
    Perfect, Printers and Faxes or simply Explorer.

    He is an attorney and has several hundred folders under another folder. We
    changed his view to Detailed View so that he can scroll down the list, but
    that is NOT the solution.

    I ran McAfee's Stinger v.3.80 and came up clean. He has Trend Micro
    Client/Server Security 7.2 installed and has no reports of infection.

    In all my years of Windows support, I have not seen this.
    DanDan, Mar 18, 2008
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  2. DanDan

    JW Guest

    Have him open explorer, slide the slider to the left and then close explorer
    using the File menu close option and not the RedX method to close. This
    should save his cursor position.
    JW, Mar 18, 2008
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