export-import owner/acl (files&folders) from old domain to new dom

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by PETRUS, Apr 8, 2008.


    PETRUS Guest

    I have 1 file server with one share folder on my old AD company (now is
    running this old AD).
    I have 100 users, in this old AD.
    My new domain have the same 100 user, but integrated with Linux LDAP Server.
    The names of the users are the same in both domains:

    DOM1=old domain / DOM2 new domain

    DOM1/user1 ----> DOM2/user1
    DOM1/user2 ----> DOM2/user2
    DOM1/userN ----> DOM2/userN

    DOM1/group1 ---> DOM2/group1
    DOM1/group2 ---> DOM2/group2
    DOM1/groupN ---> DOM2/groupN

    With identical users/groups names in both domains. With diferent SID number
    the same user/group.

    I restore the files made with ntbackup on the new domain fileserver, but the
    ownership is "unknow"; exacly is a SID number of unknow user.
    I need export the file owners names from "DOM1" file server, to "DOM2" file
    ¿Why? I need use a quota system.

    The same for the ACL permisions.

    I like export to file the origin owners/ACL (only the user-names, or groups
    for ACL ) and import this file to new domain.

    Help please. Thanks.
    PETRUS, Apr 8, 2008
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