Extend, Shrink and Resize Dynamic Volumes

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by joly, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Dynamic disk is an advantage disk format than basic disk; it has features
    of create the simple volume, spanned volume, striped volume, and mirrored
    volume and RAID5 volume. With these predominant functions it provides
    better service of protecting data and enhancing read/write performance by
    the fault tolerance and striped volume.
    Now we introduce emphasis two dynamic volumes with fault tolerance–
    mirrored volume (provide data redundancy) and RAID5 (Redundant Array of
    Inexpensive Disks). Mirrored volume—anything can be written into the two
    disks simultaneously; once disks fail or corrupt, you still have a backup
    to replace the failed or corrupted disks. RAID5—combined by striped volume
    and mirrored volume, means absorbing both advantages, let you improve the
    read/write speed of data with fault-tolerant.
    In case you are familiar with the procedure of the methods to extend
    shrink and resize the dynamic volume already, you may sill come around
    many problems to finish such works. Though not all the Windows operating
    systems are able to extend shrink and resize the dynamic volumes, we can
    accomplish these operations through the built-in disk manager in
    We choose two simple typical ways to introduce about resizing the
    mirrored volume here.
    1. Particular way
    • Break the mirror before resize it until completed.
    • Again add mirror for the volume.
    2. Another way (different from the particular way totally).
    • Use the Dynamic Disk Converter to convert dynamic disk to basic one.
    • Use the Partition Manager to resize the basic partition.
    • Again convert the basic disk to dynamic disk and add mirror to re-make
    it become mirrored volume.
    Read the procedures above, you learn to operate. You find mirrored volumes
    not be resized directly, to extend, shrink and resize it you have to
    experience so many complicated.
    • It is possible to resize the simple volume and spanned volume, but to
    the striped volume and RAID5 volume, that impossible (except the
    Windows7/Vista/2008, that is mentioned above).
    • It is not available to shrink dynamic volume through the Windows
    built-in disk manager under the Windows XP/2000/2003. For simple volumes,
    it can be resized only by using the way of spanned volume when it is too
    low disk space or we want to increase more free space.
    Over saw the introduction above, you got clear about that
    Windows7/Vista/2008 provided the better disk management services to users
    than its previous QS XP/2000/2003. You still could extend, shrink and
    resize dynamic volume on hard drives without the help of third-party
    partition software.

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    joly, Sep 2, 2010
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