Extended Tiles - broken - any fix?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Michael Hainsworth, May 21, 2007.

  1. The "Computer" window used to display as Extended Tiles. It still does, but
    the tiles are no longer "extended" -- they don't show the size of my hard
    disks or the remaining capacity, etcetera.

    My wife's account still displays Extended Tiles correctly, but mine does not.

    I love this view! Halp!
    Michael Hainsworth, May 21, 2007
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  2. Michael Hainsworth

    dean-dean Guest

    Actually, if you look again, you may be the one with the choice for Extended
    Tiles, and your wife's View menu just lists Tiles. Your view of Computer is
    a corruption of the Computer view's folder template. There are only a small
    number of windows that offer Extended Tiles; Control Panel\Manage Wireless
    Networks and Control Panel\Sync Center are a couple that I can think of.
    Otherwise, in Explorer windows, the look is quite goofy (I think it has some
    oblique mention of Offline Files, or something, either in the tile icon
    itself, or in the Details pane).

    Once your folder views start this sort of corruption, it gets worse from
    there. (For example, I've had the Windows folder using a Music Details
    template, which can't be changed using Customize, because that tab isn't
    available in the Windows folder's Properties, the "Uninstall or Change a
    Program" Control Panel using the Contacts folder template (with Import and
    Export [contacts] in the Toolbar), just to name a couple of my own folder
    view glitches, not to mention the odd Extended Tiles View in Explorer

    Vista is set up to "remember" 5000 folders. That being said, deleting the
    following two keys in the registry, will give you a clean slate, and reset
    your folders to the defaults. (All remembered folder settings in Windows
    Explorer for view state, window position, sort order, column information,
    folder type, toolbar toggles, and search result views will be lost, just so
    you know what to expect; but any corruption, which indeed does happen, will
    also be deleted). The keys in Vista are:


    (right-click on the key BagMRU, in the left pane, and choose delete)


    (right-click on the key Bags, in the left pane, and choose delete)

    Log off and log back on to Windows to re-create the keys (done
    automatically), and start anew.
    dean-dean, May 22, 2007
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  3. Thanks! Worked like a charm.

    Michael Hainsworth, May 22, 2007
  4. Michael Hainsworth

    Eddie Bishop Guest

    This did not work for me. I tried it several times, and even rebooted. I had this problem a few days ago, and managed to get it to go away for a day. Not sure what I did, but I thought going to Tools->Folder Options and clicking "Restore Defaults" on every tab is what fixed it. However, the problem came back and I can't get it to go away by "Restore Defaults" or deleting said registry keys.... Any ideas?

    EggHeadCafe - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
    Eddie Bishop, Dec 11, 2007
  5. What didn't work for you?
    It would be better if you followed up in the original thread.
    GreenieLeBrun, Dec 11, 2007
  6. EggHead posters are posting from a broken interface, generally only one or
    two messages from an entire thread make it here and our replies do not make
    it back to them. Sadly, it is often best to just ignore them.

    Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User]
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    * PLEASE post all messages and replies in the newsgroups
    * The Website - http://rgharper.mvps.org/
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    Richard G. Harper, Dec 11, 2007
  7. Michael Hainsworth

    eddified Guest

    Deleting the specified Registry keys did not work for me. I still don'
    see the disk space bars in explorer when viewing the hard disks, etc
    The "Computer" view in Explorer has an "Extended Tiles" view availabl
    -- a corruption according to the post I am replying to

    I even tried this
    1. boot into safe mod
    2. In regedit, I searched for "BagMRU" and deleted -all- instances o
    it until running a registry search for "BagMRU" turned up no results
    And whenever I found a key next to "BagMRU" named "Bags", I deleted it
    3. logged off and back on

    I've searched and searched on the internet, and everyone seems to ge
    this problem fixed by deleting these registry keys.... but doing s
    didn't fix it for me

    Does anyone have any other ideas

    eddified, Dec 15, 2007
  8. Michael Hainsworth

    jbu Guest

    It's 2014 and I found this old post dealing with Vista. I had the same problem in Windows 7 and couldn't find any solution that worked. Throwing caution to the wind I backed up my registry and gave this a try. It worked. myManage Wireless Networks folder was displaying in Detail view, and following your procedure restored the view to Extended Tiles. Thank you.

    jbu, Mar 31, 2014
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