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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Steve Khela, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Steve Khela

    Steve Khela Guest


    Being new to SBS 2003, i need help in setting up the following. Can someone
    please tell me what i need to set up to have my web site hosted externally
    and my owa and rww and email running on my sbs box. I have a domain name
    www.sfaa.co.uk and am in the process of setting up sbs 2003 prem. I would
    like www.sfaa.co.uk to point to my external hosted companie and
    www.sfaa.co.uk/exchange and www.sfaa.co.uk/remote to point to our static ip
    address of our internal server. What records do i need to create in DNS
    since my domain name providers allow us to specify our dns settings. Any
    help would be greatly appreciated. at present we have a A record for

    Steve Khela, Aug 4, 2005
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  2. The way you do this is creating different records for each server (so
    basically, doing exactly want you want is not possible). You need to create
    2 different A records in your public DNS... one for www.sfaa.co.uk that
    points to your hosting server and one for something.sfaa.co.uk (where
    "something" can be anything you like, for example server.sfaa.co.uk) that
    points to your sbs server.

    then you would access your website using www.sfaa.co.uk and
    http://something.sfaa.co.uk/exchange etc the other stuff. The important
    thing ius that something.sfaa.co.uk matches the ssl certificate you created
    in CEICW.

    If later on you decide you would like to add "easy to remember" DNS names,
    check this out:
    Javier Gomez [SBS MVP], Aug 4, 2005
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  3. Steve Khela

    cjobes Guest

    You can't do that. You need to talk to your ISP to set up a A Record that
    will point to your static IP address. You can use any name like
    Mail.sfaa.co.uk or Master.sfaa.co.uk or anything else. If you are handling
    your external email, your ISP has to create an MX record as well. For your
    externally hosted website you need a A Record called WWW, pointing to your
    external host.

    After that setup your users can get to your server with
    http://mail.sfaa.co.uk/exchange etc and to your website with
    http://www.sfaa.co.uk. You also need to setup the same records on your own
    DNS and if you have a router/firewall infront of your SBS you need to
    forward the needed ports, or publish your server or have your server in the
    DMZ. The exact setup depends on your network configuration.

    cjobes, Aug 4, 2005
  4. Steve Khela

    Steve Khela Guest

    Thanks, this is exactly what i was unsure about. great help

    Steve Khela, Aug 4, 2005
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