Failed: Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454)

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by JPL, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. JPL

    JPL Guest

    Windows Update successfully applied all today's updates except the junk email

    Office 2003 SP2 on Windows XP SP2 (both fully patched and up-to-date).

    Error messages from C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\ReportingEvents.log:

    MicrosoftUpdate Failure Content Install
    Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with
    0x80070643: Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454).

    MicrosoftUpdate Failure Content Install
    Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with
    0x80246007: Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454).

    I have searched this forum and as a result tried various fixes / workarounds
    as follows:
    Deleted the downloaded file to force re-download.
    Replaced OSE.EXE and checked it was properly configured and started
    Deleted C:\MSOCache.
    De-registered and then re-registered qmgr.dll etc.
    Deleted C:\WINDOWS\system32\Catroot2.
    De-registered and then re-registered softpub.dll etc.

    None of these had any effect. This was a hell of a lot of work for a minor
    security update.

    The only other suggestion I have found is to uninstall then reinstall Office
    itself, but I am not prepared to do this for a junk email filter update as
    the cure would be far, far worse than the ailment.

    Has anybody else had this problem?
    What should I try next?
    JPL, Apr 12, 2006
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  2. JPL

    JPL Guest

    This update fails from Office Update also.

    Downloaded and ran office2003-KB914454-FullFile-ENU.exe; failed with error
    message: "This update cannot be applied".
    JPL, Apr 12, 2006
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  3. JPL

    Dean Guest

    JPL, I'm having exactly the same problem. Neither Microsoft update, Office
    update, and the full file install is able to successfully install the update.
    Dean, Apr 12, 2006
  4. JPL

    JPe Guest

    Also I have same problem.
    Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
    JPe, Apr 12, 2006
  5. JPL

    shaz Y Guest

    I am also having a problem installing Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter and have
    tried to re-install after restarting my computer after the other updates were
    successful but still unable to install it. I am a novice computer user and am
    running XP Professional on a Pentium 4 computer
    shaz Y, Apr 12, 2006
  6. JPL

    rping54 Guest

    Same Here. Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454) will not install either
    manually or online autoupdate. ????
    rping54, Apr 13, 2006
  7. JPL

    rping54 Guest

    Same Here - Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454) will not
    install either manually or online update. Detect and repair fails as well.
    Would really like to see this issue resolved.
    rping54, Apr 13, 2006
  8. JPL

    Mercenary4 Guest

    Same problem with the two computers on a home network running Office 2003.
    Neither have ever even used Outlook, so it really isn't that important,
    except for the annoyance of having a critical update not installing. Since
    this is not an isolated incident, it maybe a problem with the update itself.
    MS, what's up?
    Mercenary4, Apr 13, 2006
  9. JPL

    Eric Guest

    Yes looks like problem in the update itself. Still waiting for MS helpdesk to
    Eric, Apr 13, 2006
  10. JPL

    MoosieAZ Guest

    The Office Source Engine Service is either stopped or disabled. Start
    the Service, then rerun the install for KB914454; it should work fine.
    MoosieAZ, Apr 13, 2006
  11. JPL

    Mercenary4 Guest

    Actually, already checked that and it was configured properly. (Admin
    Tools/Services) Even restarted the OSE, which is set to manual, with no luck.
    Will try again just to make sure.
    Mercenary4, Apr 14, 2006
  12. JPL

    Mercenary4 Guest

    The resolution for my rig was to uninstall Office 2003 since I only installed
    Excel and don't even use Outlook. Didn't even install Outlook in the first
    place, but that is the way MS software does.

    Uninstalling may not be an option for you, if you use Outlook, or any of the
    other parts of Office 2003 on a regular basis.

    One note is that before uninstalling Office 2003; attempted a repair and got
    an error message and termination. This is leading me to believe that it may
    be a problem with the installer program, or Office components are corrupted.
    Mercenary4, Apr 14, 2006
  13. JPL

    JPL Guest

    JPL, Apr 14, 2006
  14. JPL

    sprash Guest

    That was it. OSE service was disabled. Restarting it worked for me.

    Thanks MoosieAZ
    sprash, Apr 14, 2006
  15. JPL

    tlaseke Guest

    Having the same issue, I was able to use Help > Detect & Repair rather
    than a full uninstall/reinstall.
    tlaseke, Apr 17, 2006
  16. JPL

    JPL Guest

    You were lucky. On my PC whatever went wrong to cause the failure of this
    update also corrupted the Office installation such that Detect & Repair
    JPL, Apr 17, 2006
  17. JPL

    Kero Guest

    Just wasted a couple of hours on this... tried all the suggetsions without
    success. Looks like a complete reinstall coming up.
    Kero, Apr 17, 2006
  18. JPL

    axb2000 Guest

    I had the same problem with the one machine I ran Microsoft Live Safety beta
    on. It deleted some Registry Keys that prevented any updates from occuring
    as well as disabling my ability to run Detect/Repair from Add/Remove Programs.

    I was able to fix the problem after reading this KB Article: titled: You cannot install an Office
    2003 service pack

    I had to recreate a new Registry Key to point to my cdrom drive containing
    the Office2003 CD. (my MSOcache directory containing my local Office2003
    image was lost in a disk failure a while back).

    After re-creating the registry key I was able to run the Detect/Repair
    successfully which fixed the rest of the registry keys and recreated the
    MSOcache directory.

    After that, the service pack updates ran with no problems.

    Hope this helps!
    axb2000, Apr 18, 2006
  19. JPL

    Kero Guest

    Thanks for the reference, as it happens I'm running Windows Live One Care
    Beta and this may have contributed. I'll try your suggestions before I go
    reinstall. Kero
    Kero, Apr 19, 2006
  20. JPL

    sekmet41049 Guest

    I have been in contact with Microsoft support for the last week and I
    received the same reply uninstall and reinstall Office... to Update junk
    e-mail filter. YEAR SURE... I think tey have a bug they cant fix and if this
    is the only way, and I asure yoy this is the only way, I have tried asking
    and searching for a week, then they can forget
    their junk e-mail update. I told them that !
    sekmet41049, Apr 19, 2006
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