Failed: Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB914454)

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by JPL, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. JPL

    grahamB Guest

    I've had exactly the same problem after using MS Live Safety Beta.
    I edited the registry as detailed in the KB article.
    I searched in a registry backup created by MS Live Safety saved here
    :- C:\Documents and Settings\"Your Username"\Application Data\Windows Live
    Safety Center\BackUp\WLSC_Backup_2006_03_31_14_38_44.reg for "SourceEngine"
    and found the drive that is expected. Just adding the Path key has done the
    I wonder what else has been changed by "Windows Live Safety Center"?
    Hope it helps
    grahamB, Apr 20, 2006
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  2. JPL

    sekmet41049 Guest

    Could you tell me, before I go through all the steps in the article, did you
    have to use the CD OFFICE 2003, I only have the CD2003 Update???? I am a
    consultant and as part of my contract I was given the full Professional
    previous version of Office. When I finished the project, I bought the update
    for 2003 myself. MS support keeps telling me that I need the full version to
    fix the problem, then close my case. I think they thought I stole the full
    version. That is why I need to Know if I still need the full version to fix
    the problem. ???????
    sekmet41049, Apr 21, 2006
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  3. JPL

    Morpheus Guest

    This is the exact correct solution to the problem, at least on my computer. I
    had disabled Office Source Engine in msconfig. When I rechecked it to load,
    the update proceeded to install perfectly.
    Morpheus, Apr 21, 2006
  4. JPL

    Andrew Hay Guest

    I am also having the same problem, but my filter must be in Italian. As I
    work in Italy so the computer is in Italian!!
    I have disabled the Anti-virus, Ran CCLEANER!! Gone to the downloads page
    and downloaded it directly but it just won't install!!!
    The automatic update is on and keeps trying to install this update but can't!!
    Please help!!!!!!!
    Andrew Hay, Apr 21, 2006
  5. JPL

    Andrew Hay Guest

    What did you do? I ask this as the link you provided doesn't work, their
    server is down and not expected to be back until the end of the month!!
    Andrew Hay, Apr 21, 2006
  6. JPL

    JPL Guest

    Rather than uninstall completely via Add/Remove Programs, the process
    suggested by MS Support and described by Rebel was to use the Windows
    Installer Cleanup Utility (KB290301) plus some manual file and registry key

    *** It would be really helpful if Microsoft could produce a KB article on

    I was unable to wait for the details of this method and eventually decided
    that a complete uninstall and reinstall was the only option - the alternative
    was to allow the problem to drag on into the following week. The full
    reinstall worked without any problems, as did the subsequent filter update.

    If the only consequence were the failure of this particular update, it would
    be viable just to wait for the next filter update, but I found that Office
    Detect & Repair was failing also - a symptom of other errors in the Office
    configuration that had to be fixed.

    N.B. The original problem may have been caused by the use of the Windows
    Live Registry Clean Up tool, which is still a Beta...
    JPL, Apr 21, 2006
  7. JPL

    grahamB Guest

    No I didn't have to use the CD at all.

    grahamB, Apr 21, 2006
  8. JPL

    Deven Guest

    Something to check. I just found this out today. If the Background
    intelligent Transfer service is Manual and not running the 924454 Update will
    not work. I activated mine (Attempting to resolve another issue) and the
    update installed with out issue. the Background intelligent transfer agent
    does need to be running for most Office updates to install correctly. Let me
    know if this resolves the issue.
    Deven, Apr 21, 2006
  9. JPL

    CulverParent Guest

    I found a solution that worked for my system (XP Pro/SP2 with Office 2003 and
    all other updates). I didn't even realize that the "Windows Live Safety
    Center" had been added to my system by some previous update, but sure enough
    the folder was exactly where it is described below.

    (My thanks to "abx2000", and especially "Claudeo", of the DSLReports Forums!)


    Problem fixed (at least apparently). The update worked after fixing the


    Here is how I fixed it without manually editing the registry:

    Using Windows Explorer go to C:\Documents and Settings\(user
    name)\Application Data\Windows Live Safety Center\BackUp and double-click the
    ..reg file created by the Microsoft Safety registry cleanup.

    Notes: For sanity, I scanned the content of that .reg file to check it would
    not revert something else to an unwanted state. I found no reference to the
    installation CD (even though I had installed from CD) in any key or value.
    The only Office sourcepath for which there were entries pointed to a long
    gone temp directory. Also, there *are* some apparently deliberately
    mislabeled registry entries that seem to contain the real keys required by
    Office Update to work. The labeling is so obfuscated that the other
    Microsofties who did the registry cleaner obviously did not realize what they
    were for.


    CulverParent, May 5, 2006
    worshipwarrior67, May 8, 2006
  11. This was exactly what I needed to know, thanks for the post.
    If all else fails, which I am thinking they will, follow this registry
    change from MS.
    Thanks again axb2000
    worshipwarrior67, May 8, 2006
  12. JPL

    Paul K Guest

    I had the same problem as well. I tried reinstalling MS Office (Small
    Business) Edition but the update failure message continue to show up. I had
    submitted a request for assistance from MS quite awhile ago but I did not
    receive a response.

    I'm growing tire of receiving a prompt insisting me to install these updates
    when they had failed to install numerous times before.

    Is there a way to remove these prompts?
    Paul K, Oct 27, 2007
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