Family Discount Keys not working

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by ozzieXP, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. ozzieXP

    ozzieXP Guest

    what is going on? I tried both of them and neither worked. I heard apparently
    is an issue with all the keys... how about an email explaining the problem,
    how much to wait etc...
    ozzieXP, Feb 1, 2007
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  2. ozzieXP

    Rich Guest

    I read about this today that the early adapter were having problems with the
    keys that MS gave to people that tried to use the family discount.

    Here is an article about it on

    Rich, Feb 1, 2007
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  3. ozzieXP

    ozzieXP Guest

    sorry about the double post i thought the first one was not posted
    ozzieXP, Feb 1, 2007
  4. ozzieXP

    ozzieXP Guest

    yea i read it there as well... but there are no updates on the topic.. thats
    why i asked here to see if any microsoft employee decides to pass by and
    clarify whats going on
    ozzieXP, Feb 1, 2007
  5. ozzieXP

    Rich Guest

    What seems to be going on is a big mess !!! Good luck. Glad I waited on this
    one! I'm usually one that has it on order or pick it up on my way home from
    work on the day of release. This time I beta tested and got to RC2 and
    didn't see the rush to upgrade so I decided to wait until the dust settles.

    Rich, Feb 1, 2007
  6. ozzieXP

    ozzieXP Guest

    lucky you lol :D

    ozzieXP, Feb 1, 2007
  7. ozzieXP

    Marcel Guest

    Same problem, just thought I'd lend my support to this thread.
    Marcel, Feb 1, 2007
  8. What are they telling at Microsoft Product Support Services?
    Colin Barnhorst, Feb 1, 2007
  9. ozzieXP,

    All the people in these Forums are volunteers, not employees of Microsoft.
    On extremely rare events will a Microsoft employee visit this Vista user News
    Jonathan Schwartz 2, Feb 1, 2007
  10. ozzieXP

    harrynicol Guest

    New keys have been issued by email late on 2/2, assuming you ordered them you
    should have recieved them.
    harrynicol, Feb 3, 2007
  11. ozzieXP

    Bill Thomas Guest

    The website is working again and I just ordered one key. The key that I
    was sent gives me an error when I try to activate. It tells me the
    key is already in use. I tried to call the 800 support number and it is
    closed, tells me to call in Mon-fri during regular business hours.....
    Bill Thomas, Feb 3, 2007
  12. ozzieXP

    MICHAEL Guest

    The gladly take money 24/7 365, though.

    Seriously, they've had some major problems with that.
    Some users have reported that after calling the 800 number,
    they received new keys a day or two later.

    MICHAEL, Feb 3, 2007
  13. ozzieXP

    Dale Guest

    So the website isn't fixed yet? I hope it is fixed before the promotion
    expires. I still may buy the two licenses.

    Dale, Feb 3, 2007
  14. ozzieXP

    harrynicol Guest

    Here is an extract that I received from the email last night

    Microsoft inadvertently distributed invalid product key(s) for your recent
    Windows Vista Family Discount order; new valid key(s) are below. We
    apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    You can email them at if you
    still have a problem.

    While I have 2 new keys, not tried them yet.

    I did install Home Premium from the Ultimate DVD awating new and correct
    keys, booting from the Ultimate DVD.
    harrynicol, Feb 3, 2007
  15. ozzieXP

    Dale Guest

    Now there's a heck of an idea, worth writing your Congressman about. I
    think we could use a law that says support must be open at least 30 minutes
    a day longer than sales are offered - even online... especially online.

    Dale, Feb 3, 2007
  16. ozzieXP

    Dale Guest

    I was planning on just grabbing the keys now and storing them away for a
    later date when I might be ready to do the upgrades. I'm nervous now about
    if they don't work, will I be able to get them fixed in a year or more.

    I just emailed the address you gave with those questions. I'll keep the
    group posted if I get a reply.

    Dale, Feb 3, 2007
  17. ozzieXP

    Bill Thomas Guest

    I reinstalled win xp and did a custom installation from within xp, the
    key that MS sent me does seem to work after all. My laptop is upgraded
    to Vista Home Premium now.

    I originally tried to install Vista via the workaround method (that
    worked on my desktop pc with Vista Ultimate) and once it told me that
    the key was already in use, and the other time it said that it could not
    be used on a clean install.... go figure....
    Bill Thomas, Feb 3, 2007
  18. ozzieXP

    harrynicol Guest

    Ok Dale,

    You can still do the upgrade without entering the keys, you will have 30
    days left. Or, you can start the install and if the keys are invalid you can
    cancel with no issues. Even if the key is OK, you can still cancel the
    install if you are not "brave enought". Persoanlly i went ahead and did
    "pseodo" fresh install from the Ultimate Upgrade DVD on two systems to Vista
    Premium. I'll use the keys alter. As long as you make sure you have ur key
    data on another HDD then it is easy to recover; both fresh installs only took
    45 mins and set of of media centre and most of it is unattended anyway, much
    better than XP.
    harrynicol, Feb 3, 2007
  19. ozzieXP

    BSchnur Guest

    Now there's a heck of an idea, worth writing your Congressman about. I
    Oh kewl, a federal law that requires Microsoft support to be available
    24.5 hours a day.
    BSchnur, Feb 4, 2007
  20. ozzieXP

    BSchnur Guest

    So the website isn't fixed yet? I hope it is fixed before the promotion
    Wait for SP1 of the website.
    BSchnur, Feb 4, 2007
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