Felonius Mad $hitter where you at Diaperboi

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by SameAsB4, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. SameAsB4

    SameAsB4 Guest

    Another one bites the dust!!

    Diaperboi, I can always find ya and beat up on ya some more. Your diaper
    is dripping, remember?


    Diaperboi, you can run but ya cannot hide.
    SameAsB4, Feb 6, 2007
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  2. Honestly Porchy, if you want my attention all you have to do is beg
    for it...oh wait, you are. LOL


    Onideus Mad Hatter
    mhm ¹ x ¹

    Hatter Quotes
    "You're only one of the best if you're striving to become one of the

    "I didn't make reality, Sunshine, I just verbally bitch slapped you
    with it."

    "I'm not a professional, I'm an artist."

    "Your Usenet blinders are my best friend."

    "Usenet Filters - Learn to shut yourself the **** up!"

    "Drugs killed Jesus you know...oh wait, no, that was the Jews, my

    "There are clingy things in the grass...burrs 'n such...mmmm..."

    "The more I learn the more I'm killing my idols."

    "Is it wrong to incur and then use the hate ridden, vengeful stupidity
    of complete strangers in random Usenet froups to further my art?"

    "Freedom is only a concept, like race it's merely a social construct
    that doesn't really exist outside of your ability to convince others
    of its relevancy."

    "Next time slow up a lil, then maybe you won't jump the gun and start
    creamin yer panties before it's time to pop the champagne proper."

    "Reality is directly proportionate to how creative you are."

    "People are pretty fucking high on themselves if they think that
    they're just born with a soul. *snicker*...yeah, like they're just
    givin em out for free."

    "Quible, quible said the Hare. Quite a lot of quibling...everywhere.
    So the Hare took a long stare and decided at best, to leave the rest,
    to their merry little mess."

    "There's a difference between 'bad' and 'so earth shatteringly
    horrible it makes the angels scream in terror as they violently rip
    their heads off, their blood spraying into the faces of a thousand
    sweet innocent horrified children, who will forever have the terrible
    images burned into their tiny little minds'."

    "How sad that you're such a poor judge of style that you can't even
    properly gauge the artistic worth of your own efforts."

    "Those who record history are those who control history."

    "I am the living embodiment of hell itself in all its tormentive rage,
    endless suffering, unfathomable pain and unending horror...but you
    don't get sent to me...I come for you."

    "Ideally in a fight I'd want a BGM-109A with a W80 250 kiloton
    tactical thermonuclear fusion based war head."

    "Tell me, would you describe yourself more as a process or a

    "Apparently this group has got the market cornered on stupid.
    Intelligence is down 137 points across the board and the forecast
    indicates an increase in Webtv users."

    "Is my .sig delimiter broken? Really? You're sure? Awww,
    gee...that's too bad...for YOU!" `, )
    Onideus Mad Hatter, Feb 6, 2007
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