File downloads do not work in IE7

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by J_hotsauce, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. J_hotsauce

    Gordon Guest

    Logged on account with administrator rights (but not The Administrator),
    accessing internet at 1MB through D-Link 502T router via LAN. Windows XP
    SP2, firewall on. No proxy used.
    Gordon, Feb 8, 2006
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  2. J_hotsauce

    Sonander Guest

    I have the same problem, anyone aware of a solution?
    Sonander, Feb 10, 2006
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  3. ....

    Have you tried tracing the attempt and comparing with a trace
    of the system which works? E.g. if you're lucky the site won't
    care if you use a proxy so you could use FiddlerTool;
    otherwise use netcap and format the .cap file with Ethereal.

    In fact, since that message is so ambiguous, if the problem
    is at the DNS protocol layer you may be better using netcap.

    Note: netcap is distributed with the XP Pro Support Tools,
    which is an optional install from the distribution CD.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Feb 11, 2006
  4. J_hotsauce

    Richard Guest

    I think I may have stumbled onto something. I reloaded a test system with XP
    Pro with all patches. At that time it was in a workgroup environment. Loaded
    IE7 and everything worked fine. Added system to network (2k3 AD) and logged
    in as a Domain Admin. Could not download. Logged out and back onto the
    account in the workgroup. Viola I could download again. Looks like it might
    be a problem in the profile of the user. Will continue to look.
    Richard, Feb 14, 2006
  5. J_hotsauce

    Alphafa Guest

    In my case, this problem started to appear only after a week of using IE7. At
    first all downloads were working fine. I installed a few software in the
    meantime such as the new verion of the messenger (beta) and also the latest
    AOL messenger. Might be it...

    I am going to try to uninstall, re-install and see if it fixes the issue.

    Alphafa, Feb 14, 2006
  6. J_hotsauce

    PPC Guest

    I have the same problem. This happened once before, and after several failed
    attempts to fix it (cookies, index.dat delete etc.) I finally uninstall and
    reinstalled. Then it worked.

    Now after a week or so, it's broken again.

    there is definately something going on with this beta..
    PPC, Feb 16, 2006
  7. J_hotsauce

    CraigMcK Guest

    Wondering if this is to do with group policy processing?
    I've noticed that if I let our current GPOs run at startup, Windows Explorer
    dies - Possibly something to do with folder redirection?

    I was able to download OK w/IE7 up until recently - GPO has refreshed since
    CraigMcK, Feb 20, 2006
  8. J_hotsauce

    Olsen Guest

    Also cannot download anything (.exe .txt .doc .pdf .*) with IE7. Disabled
    every firewall and antivirus software and process i could think of - to no
    When downloading to e.g. the desktop, I see the file appearing and the
    dissapearing a second later. Wierd.
    All downloads works fine with Firefox 1.5.1
    Olsen, Mar 1, 2006
  9. J_hotsauce

    Jacob Guest

    I can't download files either. I thought I found the fix by installing msxml
    3_sp7 and then msxml 4 sp2 but after a few days it stopped working again. My
    computer is in a domain but not behind a proxy.
    Jacob, Mar 10, 2006
  10. J_hotsauce

    Jacob Guest

    I have also found that my cache setting is set to 0 but everytime I change it
    and then go back in to see if the change stuck it is set back to 0. Does
    anyone know how to fix this?
    Jacob, Mar 10, 2006
  11. J_hotsauce

    Jacob Guest

    I found a fix--
    I started windows up in safe mode and ran rmdir /s /q "Tempoary Internet
    Files" and then restarted and went in and changed my temp file size and now
    IE 7 is saving that change.
    Jacob, Mar 10, 2006
  12. J_hotsauce

    Mereby Guest

    ON all my machines, I can not download anything using IE 7.0. The download
    starts and seems to complete but nothing get saved or to run. I am able to
    download fine using Firefox. Any ideas ?

    Mereby, Mar 20, 2006
  13. J_hotsauce

    Showdaro Guest

    I've downloaded a game. Go to play and site says "out of time", what do I do?
    Showdaro, Sep 1, 2006
  14. J_hotsauce

    Brian Guest

    I have had the same problem downloading from It appears that the
    feature of IE7 does not allow download managment software such as emusic
    downloader from working outside the confines of the Temporary internet files
    folder. thsu the download fails. it sound like a security tie down onthat
    file. If you right click on the file and download to a less restricted file
    it works. Hoe do i configure the temp Int file to be less restrictive?
    Brian, Sep 26, 2006
  15. J_hotsauce

    BobIsMe Guest

    There is a registry key that you can change or remove which may fix your
    problem. It is related to your anti-virus program possibly failing to certify
    that your download is OK, or your anti-virus program is not reporting back to
    IE in a proper way.

    This is from:

    Key default:
    "ScanWithAntiVirus" = dword:00000003

    Off (1) default
    or Optional (2) or
    On (3)

    Change ScanWithAntiVirus to 2 to enable scanning, if it fails for some
    reason your download will still work. WARNING - This setting (2) makes you
    less secure.
    BobIsMe, Nov 8, 2006
  16. J_hotsauce

    me Guest

    i hav the same problem on ie7 cant download anithing cant even download
    firefox to be able to get something else . but i can go to msn and normal
    pages but im not able to see on web sites like you tube any ideas?
    me, Jul 25, 2008
  17. J_hotsauce

    Don Varnau Guest

    Don Varnau, Jul 25, 2008
  18. If you really have IE7 Beta 2 uninstall it.
    Frank Saunders MS-MVP IE,OE/WM, Jul 27, 2008
  19. J_hotsauce

    Ricky Guest

    I have the same problem too. I cannot download .doc file and .pdf file from
    my hotmail. If I try to save the file I got error "Internet explorer cannot
    download. No such interface supported"
    Ricky, Aug 6, 2008
  20. J_hotsauce

    Gordon Guest

    Don't know whether this might help....
    Gordon, Aug 6, 2008
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