File restore after Complete PC Restore - 0x80070057 error

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by OliverNZ, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. OliverNZ

    OliverNZ Guest

    This post is about:
    Restore did not finish sucessfully. Error code:
    The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)

    It all started when a visitor (honest!) whom I let use my PC said "oh there
    was a message about data consistency on screen so a pressed Yes and now the
    PC won't start".

    Tried the VIA RAID utility - all checked out fine - two drives marked "Boot"
    as normal.
    Tried WD Lifeguard Diagnostics - both disks check out fine
    Ran DiskPart - disk showed fine but no volumes shown
    Tried running Bootrec and it saw nothing
    Searched the net... (and Microsoft support) - nothing helpful
    Assumed everything is toast (still not sure how...)

    I have been doing Vista Backups with occasional full image and more frequent
    file backups.
    I have a my OS and apps on a RAID 1 (2x 36GB Raptor).
    Another single 350GB drive holds a little data.
    Backups live on a seperate physical intenal drive (also 350GB)
    Restored via Complete PC Restore - it took all night but worked fine (I am
    using it now). But this was dated March 2008.

    Now I want to restore my files and use Advanced Restore | Files made on a
    different computer.
    Select device OK, see list of 4 backups OK.
    Select the latest backup (luckily the day before my machine was hosed) and
    Check "Restore everything..." and Next
    Check "in the original location" and Start Restore
    See "preparing..." and then:

    Restore did not finish sucessfully. Error code:
    The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)

    I have searched on this error code to no avail (other than generic errors
    about it)

    Any ideas?

    On reading this newsgroups, it appears the closest anyone has got to a
    restore (but then i guess the fortunate ones wouldn't need to post would

    Given the lack of backup of .exe and the like, I for one will be changing to
    a proper backup program from now on. I will even pay for it.


    OliverNZ, Jun 3, 2008
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  2. OliverNZ

    DL Guest

    Acronis True Image, worth every penny
    DL, Jun 3, 2008
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  3. OliverNZ

    Mark H Guest

    Hit on using "0x80070057 backup":

    Read the info near the bottom:
    1. If the backup location does not exist, the server MUST return the HRESULT
    derived from the Win32 error code E_INVALIDARG.

    2. If the dwMDVersion parameter is greater than MD_BACKUP_MAX_VERSION (9999)
    and not equal to MD_BACKUP_HIGHEST_VERSION, the server MUST return HRESULT
    derived from the Win32 error code E_INVALIDARG.

    I would bet #1. The command generated cannot find the path desired to the
    backup. (e.g. Doesn't exist, name corrupt, etc.)
    Mark H, Jun 3, 2008
  4. OliverNZ

    OliverNZ Guest

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try Acronis.

    Wrote the following last night but not posted. Posted now as it ended
    sucessfully with a fully working machine.

    Thought for a moment that I had found the answer - start with the oldest
    backup and restore them all, one at a time in sequence. But no, it only
    worked for that one backup. Each and every other backup gives the same
    error. All I can do is look for and restore each folder as high up the tree
    as I can. For instance, selecting the top level "backup" folder gives the
    same error message, as does the "local drive C:\" below it but I can restore
    a sub-folder up as far as Users. It has sucessfully found and restored all
    my recent pictures and things like PST files (plus all the other files with
    odd extensions in the same folder), so all is well (unless I get errors
    trying to use it, in which case a seperate post is called for).

    Oh yes, and each time I want to select a folder to restore, I need to go
    back to the Advanced Restore dialogue and then have to accept the UAC
    prompt, choose the backup drive, select a backup point, etc etc. What a
    pain. It would be great to finish at a dialogue which gave the option to go
    back to select more folders from the already-selected backup, or quit out.
    (This is user feedback, Microsoft)

    Sorry Microsoft - your backup app it actually worse than the [Veritas] one
    you had in XP. It lulls the user into a false sense of security that all is
    taken care of, which it isn't. Then it makes it a non-trivial job to get the
    back, and you still have to re-install all the apps you installed since then
    and then waste more time and broadband traffic re-applying all the patches
    and updates since you last did a Complete PC Backup (recomended to be done
    once every six months if memory serves correctly).

    OliverNZ, Jun 4, 2008
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