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Discussion in 'Clustering' started by Nick, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Nick

    Nick Guest

    I have a Win2003 cluster(Both nodes are Domain Controllers) - I have 5
    shared folders. Today I needed to fail over the nodes and 2 of the 5 shares
    would not start. The event log stated "Event ID 1068
    Source: ClusSvc
    Description: The cluster file share resource <resourcename> failed to start.
    Error 5.

    I understand this is an access denied error - I added the cluster service
    account to the direcotries in question and all worked fine. My only question
    is why didn't the other 3 directories need this permission? ALL directories
    had the admin account with full access, the only difference was the 2
    directories in question did not have the Domain USers group in the ACL.
    The 3 directories that were working had the Domain Users group however, each
    directory specified different access rights for the group.
    The depenedices for all shares are the same....

    I am just trying to figure out why i needed the cluster account added to
    these 2 and not the others.

    Nick, Jul 22, 2004
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  2. In all cases, the service accounts needs access to the resource. I would
    imagine that this is a case where the permissions were somehow inherited in
    the other cases and in the two cases where it failed, the permissions were
    not set.
    Russ Kaufmann [MCT], Jul 22, 2004
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  3. Cluster Service account needs at least "change" NTFS permissions at the root
    folder and "read" access on all shared folders. I'm guessing that your
    cluster service account had read permissions somehow for the 3 working
    folders and did not on the 2 that did not. I'd guess that your Domain Users
    group has read access on the working folders.

    John Toner [MVP], Jul 22, 2004
  4. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Thanks for the response.
    In one of the directories the domain users only had list access rights. I
    just find it strange
    Nick, Jul 22, 2004
  5. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Nick, Jul 22, 2004
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