Files opened in document library are located in user temp folder?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by M Rennie, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. M Rennie

    M Rennie Guest

    When users open a file from a document library, they either get a prompt to
    save the document or it opens in its native program, but the file is located
    in the users temp folder rather than the original sharepoint library. This
    has only just occured recently, but is causing mayhem with files not being
    saved on sharepoint. Any help would be much appreciated.

    I've tried to find answers to my problem but failed miserably so forgive me
    if I am repeating an issue.
    M Rennie, Nov 28, 2006
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  2. This question is probably best posted to a Sharepoint newsgroup for the
    best responses, but...

    Need to know the following to give you the right answer:

    - Operating System and Service Pack level
    - Version of Office installed on the system
    - Version of Sharepoint (if you don't know then just the version of
    Small Business Server, etc. will have to do)Matt Ridings - MSR Consulting
    MSR Consulting SBS Support, Nov 28, 2006
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  3. Sorry for delay, ice storm here had us without power.

    Can you confirm that there are no earlier versions of MS Office apps
    elsewhere on any of the computers that the issue is occurring on?

    Also, can you specify exactly the steps that the user takes when this
    occurs. i.e. what app are they in, are they checking out the
    doc/spreadsheet, etc, are they just left clicking on it, etc.

    Also specify if this occurs across all users on all machines, or just
    certain users/machines?

    Sorry for more questions but sharepoint and sharepoint-aware
    applications have so many different ways to work together that I need
    to understand the way in which it's being used.

    Matt Ridings - MSR Consulting
    MSR Consulting SBS Support, Dec 5, 2006
  4. Not quite sure I see the problem then.

    As AutoCAD isn't sharepoint 'aware' I would expect it to open in the
    temp location when left clicked (it's no different than you clicking on
    a cad file from a website halfway across the world).

    Are you absolutely positive that the PDF files are not opening from the
    temp location as well? Open a PDF off of sharepoint and go look in the
    temp location and see if it's not there while you have it open. I'm
    guessing that it is there.

    At the most basic level, if an application isn't sharepoint aware and
    you're just left clicking on it, then it will act just like it does off
    of any other website (i.e. you get the 'Open' or 'Save' option). Note
    that irregardless of whether you click on Open or Save you are *still*
    downloading the file to your computer in that instance. The only
    difference is that when you click 'Save' you get to choose where you
    want to put it, when you click 'Open' it is downloaded to your online
    temp location and then opened from *there*, not sharepoint. This is
    why if you click on 'Save' from within the application you will many
    times see the temp location as the place first suggested for saving the
    opened document....since that is where it was opened from.

    There are some Microsoft documents that discuss the process of opening
    files from Sharepoint, and differences between Sharepoint 'aware'
    applications and others. Don't have a link offhand but could dig it up
    if you can't find it.

    Matt Ridings - MSR Consulting
    MSR Consulting SBS Support, Dec 11, 2006
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